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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Dear chatbot builders,

Let's have a quick overview of the most recent features introduced in SAP Conversational AI since the February release!

Feature of the month ️ Fetch FAQ Documents Using API

You can now import FAQs stored in multiple sources or file formats (like SAP HANA Database) using a service API. The API response needs to be transformed into FAQ format (question and answer pairs) using scripting.

Fetch FAQ documents now >

A new parameter bc_reference_id has been introduced in the /knowledge source endpoint.
The value for this parameter is ID of the API configuration to fetch the FAQ document.
This parameter will be present only if the knowledge source has been created using a service API.

Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Token Handling for External API Calls

This new feature enables bot developers to support writing operations for external systems that require CSRF tokens (such as SAP S/4HANA or SAP S/4HANA Cloud), keep cookies and CSRF tokens secure and improve performance of subsequent API calls.
The SAP Conversational AI platform provides the option to:

  • automatically fetch CSRF tokens before making the actual API call

  • securely cache the CSRF tokens in combination with cookies for each external system

Handle CRSF tokens >

Identity Authentication Service (IAS) Based Authentication

All new subscriptions of SAP Conversational AI will be Identity Authentication Service (IAS) based subscriptions.
Existing XSUAA based subscriptions will continue to work as is.

As an enterprise tenant administrator, you can raise a ticket to migrate the existing subscription (XSUAA based) to IAS.

Learn how to migrate >

You can configure IAS based authentication for SAP Conversational AI Web Client by adding a new data attribute data-login-type="ias" in the Web Client script.
This option is only available for IAS subscriptions.

Integration settings >

Configure in-place Fiori app navigation

You can now configure in-place Fiori app navigation from link type in section attributes. This can be done using the paramater client_data for a CardList or Carousel. Attributes of the type client_data will be rendered as links. Upon clicking the links, the JSON key-value pair defined is returned to the Web Client. The onMessage function implementation can use the JSON content to perform any type of client side action.

See section Client Data in Message Types >

[ACTION REQUIRED] Timeline Extended: Authentication 🚨

As of November 2022 release (previously May 2022), API calls to all the bots (including the ones created before February 2021) will require OAuth tokens to be passed along with the bot tokens.

Read the blog post >

[ACTION REQUIRED] Timeline Extended: Tenant Security Headers 🚨

As of November 2022 release (previously May 2022), tenant security headers for tenants created before November 2021 release must be configured to ensure uninterrupted working of your productive chatbots.

Configure Tenant Security Headers >

Wait…There is more! 🚀

Stay up-to-date with additional improvements and deprecations by reading our release notes.

Just announced at SAP Sapphire

At SAP Sapphire Orlando, we announced new AI-powered innovations that help customers to transform their core business processes including lead-to-cash, design-to-operate, recruit-to-retire, and source-to-pay.

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