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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Hi SAP Community,

We are thrilled to share the newest features released in SAP Conversational AI as part of the February release!

Feature of the month ️ Speech-To-Text for SAP Conversational AI Web Client

Talking to your chatbots is now a reality! You can enable Speech-To-Text (STT) interaction in your bot while using SAP Conversational AI Web Client, and use the SAP Conversational AI Web Client bridge APIs to hook in your own STT service in order to set up this interaction.

Intuitive implementation of the speech-to-text capability using any chosen service
Built-in, user-friendly experience when using voice as an input in the Web Client for SAP Conversational AI

Watch the demo below, or read the developer guide on GitHub to get started!

Transport Bot Configurations APIs (Enterprise Edition Only)

Avoid manual maintenance of bot configurations in each tenant! As the release administrator of your tenant, you can transport some configurations like bot metadata, properties, channels, system alias, and so on using the dedicated endpoints.

Read the documentation >

Check the Bot Transport APIs >

New Bot Actions

Change Timezone: The set timezone allows the bot to interpret terms like "today" and "tomorrow" depending on the timezone of the conversation. This action can be defined within the Initialize skill and all other skills of a bot.

Set Initial Context (for Initialize skill only): Set fields in the Initial Context of the conversation, a special section of the conversation state, that remains valid for the whole duration of the conversation and cannot be changed afterwards.

See ActionsConversation State, and Runtime Data Accessible >

Propagate User Attributes from Identity Provider (Enterprise Edition Only)

When using a custom identity provider as part of your enterprise edition, the user information that is maintained in the identity provider can be propagated to SAP Conversational AI in order to access the information in the {{user}} object as part of the scripting syntax.

Besides the standard attributes like first namelast name, and e-mail address that are propagated by default, a custom role can be created to propagate additional custom attributes and to make them available in the {{user.attributes}} variable.

See Propagate User Attributes from Identity Provider and Runtime Data Accessible >

System Aliases

A unique ID is now generated for each system alias that you configure. This can be used as a stable reference during the lifecycle of a bot and is also used when configuring the system using APIs.

See System Alias Configuration >

Enable Developer Token (Enterprise Edition Only)

As an enterprise tenant administrator, you can use the Developer Token endpoint to enable the developer token for your enterprise tenant. If required, you can disable the token later using the same endpoint.

See Tenant Configurations API documentation and Enable Developer Token >

Alternative Terms for FAQ Bots

A user might use different words (synonyms) for a term, for example, ERP, ECC, Business Suite, R3, or R/3. To ensure that your bot can understand its users, you can upload a JSON file that includes key and value pairs where the key is the term and the values are the synonyms for each term.

See Upload Alternative Terms >

Action required: Authentication 🚨

As of May 2022 release, API calls to all the bots (including the ones created before February 2021) will require OAuth tokens to be passed along with the bot tokens.

Read the blog >

Action required: Tenant Security Headers🚨

As of May 2022 release, tenant security headers for tenants created before November 2021 release must be configured to ensure the uninterrupted working of your productive chatbots.

See Configure Tenant Security Headers >

New data center 👩‍💻

SAP Conversational AI is now available in Europe (Frankfurt) EU Access - eu11 data center of AWS.

See Supported Data Centers >

Wait...there is more! 🚀

Stay up-to-date with additional improvements and deprecations by reading our release notes.

To see what's in our plans for 2022, visit the SAP Roadmap Explorer.

Get started with SAP Conversational AI 💬