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Do you want to know what has been the talk of the data world since its reimagining & unveiling in March 2023? Look no further! Here is a quick introduction to SAP’s latest solution AND this month’s spotlight topic: SAP Datasphere!

What is SAP Datasphere?

SAP Datasphere, as you may have known, is the next generation of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. It transforms the distribution of mission-critical business data by providing a comprehensive suite of tools for integration, cataloging, modeling, warehousing, federation, and virtualization. Building upon the beloved features of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, it introduces exciting enhancements that empower data professionals to explore, model, and distribute data with ease, all while ensuring a smooth transition for existing customers without the need for migration.

SAP Datasphere offers a wide range of benefits and features for businesses to enhance their data strategies.

Access Authoritative Data

SAP Datasphere provides a direct line to important business data and metadata – and the critical relationship between them – from SAP applications. It makes it simple for data professionals to solve complex business semantic modeling requirements via the new SAP Datasphere Analytic Model. This capability provides accelerated time-to-value by automatically reusing the semantical definitions and associations from SAP applications, simplifying the steps data professionals must take to deliver mission-critical business data across their organization.


Enrich All Data Projects

By integrating diverse data sources and facilitating data transformations, SAP Datasphere ensures unified data access for organizations, fostering collaboration and consistency across teams. With its capabilities in data federation, fast replication, and the enriched SAP Datasphere Marketplace housing over 3,000 curated data sets, businesses can easily harmonize diverse data landscapes and leverage industry-specific data to fuel their projects. In addition, through strategic partnerships with top open data and AI platforms, SAP Datasphere empowers customers to blend SAP data with external sources, unlocking unique possibilities for insightful analysis.


Simplify the Data Landscape

With its versatile deployment options spanning across every cloud and hybrid environments, SAP Datasphere empowers data professionals with secure access to their data regardless of its location. This flexibility also allows customers to leverage their on-premise investments, including SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW), through the SAP Datasphere BW bridge, enabling seamless reuse of models and connectors as they transition to the public cloud. Furthermore, SAP Datasphere Spaces provide a powerful feature for organizing, managing, and collaborating on data, creating virtual workspaces that cater to the needs of data consumers, such as marketing, sales, supply chain, and AI teams, who rely on packaged data for their operations.


Delivering a Business Data Fabric

At the core of SAP Datasphere lies an open data ecosystem, serving as the technological foundation for a concept called the business data fabric. This architecture streamlines data management by creating an integrated, semantically robust data layer that eliminates redundancy and ensures effortless and scalable data access. By preserving business context and logic, the business data fabric empowers organizations to deliver accurate, readily available data to every data consumer, fostering clarity and enabling data professionals to infuse the power of business semantics into every use case.

We welcome all Customers & Partners to join us in the mission of empowering customers to unleash the power of business data.


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