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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
We have a new code challenge for you, where we can learn together and have a bit of fun relating to SAP Community profile pictures. Read on for all the details.

We've had fun Code Challenges in the past, and we decided to spring one upon you again now, because why not?

Code challenges are great in that they appeal to different folks in different ways. This time, we have a starter project for you with a complete repository ready to clone, set up and run. The project is an SAP Community profile picture editor, which you can read more about below.

Quick links

Head on over to the SAP Community Code Challenge - learn, share and discuss! thread over in the Coffee Corner for all technical and non-technical discussion of this challenge.

Find the starter project over on GitHub:

SAP Community profile picture editor

The starter project is based on Node.js and provides an SAP UI5 powered web UI that lets you upload a photo and use image editing controls to enhance it. Once enhanced, you can upload the modified photo to be your new SAP Community profile picture.


The challenge itself

We want to keep the challenge fairly loose; there are no prizes, instead, your entry may be highlighted in an upcoming post or live stream, and you get to share your work with others and win the adulation of your fellow SAP Community members!

We'll talk through the technical aspects of the challenge and dive into the starter project itself in this week's Hands-on SAP Dev live stream. Join us live, everyone's welcome, or if you can't make it, there's the replay that's available immediately afterwards.

Join this Hands-on SAP Dev live stream on Fri 18 Feb at 0800 UK - everyone is welcome!


As well as just being a bit of fun, here are some reasons that we think make it worthwhile taking part:

  • It's a great way to practise basic git and GitHub skills

  • The starter project is a lovely codebase to explore

  • You can learn more about SAP UI5, the Fiori launchpad, apps and more

  • It's a good example of a Node.js based web app

  • It's a great showcase for the UI5 Image Editor

What you need to do to take part

The idea of the challenge is for you to come up with some riff on the starter project. We don't want to constrain you too much, it's really up to you to decide what you want to do. Here are just some examples:

  • Create your own image enhancement

  • Port the project to a different language or platform

  • Allow a selection from multiple image enhancements

  • Provide a translation for the entire app (using UI5's support for multiple languages)

Whatever you decide to do, you will need to take the following basic steps:

The challenge timeframe and your submission

We want to keep the challenge loose, friendly and fun, so in order to participate, the submission barrier is deliberately low enough for as many folks as possible to take part.

To submit your challenge entry, post a reply to the SAP Community Code Challenge - learn, share and discuss! thread sharing what you've done. That might be a link to a new repository that you've created, a link to a pull request that you've submitted, or even a graphic that you've created to contribute as an image enhancement component.

You need to get your submissions in by the end of your day on Friday 11th March 2022. Following that date we'll start to look at all the submissions and pick out the ones that we want to highlight.

🚨 When posting your submission, make sure you share your SAP Community profile URL in the post. For example, mine is and Laura's is laura.schmitz.

Let's share and enjoy this challenge together

Perhaps the most important thing that we encourage you to do while taking part (and actually this applies to those who just want to watch what's going on and join in the discussions):

👉 Head on over to this SAP Community Code Challenge - learn, share and discuss! thread right now to find out more about this challenge, and to chat about it, what you might be doing, and to learn what others are doing. See you there!

Happy coding!

laura.schmitz and DJ
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