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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

We have a  new code challenge for you as part of the Community Spotlight for the month of September. This time it's about testing your skills and learning the basics in ABAP.  You will be given four exercises to complete on Exercism.

The goal for this month's Coding Challenge is to complete one exercise each week on Exercism for you to get familiar with the ABAP language through exercises that will test your skills. Each week you will complete one exercise to test your skills, you will start off with the basics and gradually move up to the more involved exercises.

These challenges will allow you to test your skills and learn the basics such as ITAB Basics, ITAB Combination, ITAB Aggregation and ITAB Nesting. These exercises will also help you improve your ABAP skills whether you are a beginner or just want to brush up on your skills 😊

ABAP on Exercism

Quick Links

There is a SAP Community Code Challenge – Dive Into the Basics of ABAP! thread in the brand new Application Development Group where we invite you to discuss and share your results of the challenge.

The Challenge

The challenge is very simple. You will have to create an account on Exercism and complete the challenge assigned for each week. Be sure to come back to the blog post to see what the next challenge is for that week. You will also be provided with resources that can be helpful for you before or while completing the challenges.


ABAP - Logo

We want to keep the challenge fairly loose, which is why there are no prizes. However, interesting challenge entries may be highlighted in upcoming posts, videos or live streams by the Developer Advocates, and of course will be appreciated by the SAP Community members.

Participating in the Challenge

To be able to take part in this challenge and complete it, it's very simple, you will have to follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on Exercism

  2. Complete each challenge for the week it is assigned

  3. Submit a screenshot showing you successfully completed the exercise with your profile visible. You will need to submit this on the SAP Community Application Development thread

Screenshot Example

The Timeline

Each week on Wednesday for next four weeks you will be assigned a new challenge to complete on Exercism to test your skills :). These challenges must be completed and submitted to be counted toward the month's overall challenge. Make sure to come back to this blog post to see what the next challenge is for that week will be!

This is the detailed timeline:

At the end of the challenge, if you have made all submissions, you will receive an SAP Community badge for successfully participating in the SAP Code Challenge for September. Make sure to always post your submissions as described.

SAP Community – ABAP Code Challenge Badge

Get your final submission in by October 5th, as we will start picking out the ones that we want to highlight on that date.

Let’s Get Started

We are looking forward seeing all your submission 😊. We wish you a lot of fun with ABAP on Exercism and good luck!

➡️ Head over to the SAP Community Code Challenge – Dive Into the Basics of ABAP thread in the Application Development group to discuss, share, and ask questions.

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