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On May26th, SAP Integration Black Belts  tarun.bahal3 and fjaviergar07 from customer SIKA, along with udo.paltzer from SAP presented the Diverse Integrations at SIKA to the SAP Community through a community call.

You can learn more about this session here and about the Integration Black Belt Live series on the SAP Community Calls here.

Missed the session! no problem, you can watch the Replay  .

It was a detailed presentation, with a deep-dive covering evolution of SIKA's integration landscape  and use cases.

Here are the answers to some of the questions from the audience:

[Q]: How have you designed B2B EDI Integration? Are the scenarios Partner specific or Generic to transaction Types?

We have both use cases. Most of the B2B integration is partner specific where our customers/partners might provide us with specifications. But we also have generic EDI interfaces.

[Q]: Do you use cloud connector to connect to integration suite? If yes can you give details? If not, can you explain more the secure tunnel connection between s/4 and integration suite?

Yes. All inbound connectivity into our network is allowed only via Cloud connector. Outbound connections from Sika network to integration suite do not use cloud connector but are subject to access policies/whitelisting in our firewall.

[Q]: Do you maybe use a proxy server? Do you know, if it is a good practice, to secure even more the connection?

We have quite a strict IT security policies. We do use Web proxy and all integrations are reviewed and approved by our security team.

We also ran some polls during our session and here are the results:

What’s Next?

Join our next Integration Black Belts live session on 21st June at 5 PM CET with Integration master  vadim.klimov  and myself as we discuss the migration journey of arm from on- premise Integration to the Cloud.

Learn more about this session in this blog

Link to register