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Evolution of Integration

As your Enterprise Business grows and evolves, you have newer challenges. One of them is Integration complexity. It is a good problem to have as Integration has evolved well and there are turnkey solutions supporting newer Integration styles and patterns.

There are many dimensions to an Integration project. It can be process, data or system- centric. There are many Integration styles-  for example, purely involving apps( A2A), with trading partners (B2B), with government agencies for taxes and other compliance (B2G), direct to consumers (B2C) and so on.

How do we navigate through this complex landscape and choose the best fitting Integration platform? This is what we will try to address in this session.

The session will include examples of Integration projects with SAP Customers and cover the following aspects : Leveraging API Management vs. Cloud Integration for realizing Integration patterns/use cases, Need for event driven messaging, Importance of integration in LCNC (low code no code) development and, Integrating business solutions with BTP services.

It is an honor to host two most experienced Integration Black Belts who have several years of Integration experience in the next session of Integration Black Belts Live!

d.belser has been working in the SAP space as consultant for more than 20 years, contributing to the success of strategic integration projects. With that experience, Detlev has built a solid knowledge in SAP BTP and integration topics. He has supported implementation Integration projects at Henkel, Globus and many other SAP customers.

svenhuberti has been working on middleware technologies and in the integration space as a customer advisor for more than 15 years, be it SAP, Oracle or Apigee. With that diverse experience, Sven has built a solid knowledge of integration requirements for public services, in SMBs and large corporations.



You can join our SAP Community Call through YouTube Live. Please remember to set the 'Reminder on' for this session happening on 8th Dec at 3PM CET/9 AM EST by signing into this link. (There is no explicit registration required)

SAP Integration Suite  is SAP’s hybrid integration platform for the Intelligent Enterprise. It is a versatile enterprise integration platform as a service (iPaaS) supporting both cloud and on-premise integrations with SAP and 3rd party applications.

Following the presentation, we will have a panel discussion with the speakers and address questions coming in through the live chat.