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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Dear SAP Community,

We are excited to invite you to our Challenge accepted – Gain hands-on experience with SAP HANA Graph SAP Community Call.

What: Challenge accepted – Gain hands-on experience with SAP HANA Graph

When: May 19, 5 pm CET

Duration: 1 hour (presentation + Community challenge kick-off + Q&A)

SAP HANA Cloud offers great, natively embedded capabilities for graph processing. You can easily execute typical graph operations on data stored in SAP HANA. This means, conveniently processing of graphs and executing different built-in algorithms.

Thus, SAP HANA Graph enables you to create and maintain graph data models. Additionally, you can execute graph operations (on data stored in an SAP HANA system) and built-in algorithms e.g., shortest path or pattern matching. Furthermore, run the latter in openCypher query language and define complex graph algorithms using Graph Script.

In our SAP Community Call, we will provide you with an overview of the smart multi-model capabilities of SAP HANA Cloud. Moreover, focusing particularly on the graph capabilities, we will deep dive into specific features and use cases of SAP HANA Graph. You will for example learn more about graph models, the graph pattern matching, the graph built-in algorithms, and graph procedures. Finally, we will kick off our very first SAP HANA Graph community challenge. Curated by our experts, the challenge offers a great opportunity to get real hands-on experience with SAP HANA Graph. We will publish a dedicated blogpost on the challenge itself shortly after the SAP Community Call.

If you are interested in SAP HANA Cloud’s graph capabilities and want to learn more about the features, this SAP Community Call will be a perfect fit for you.

In the call our SAP HANA Graph Development Experts markus.fath & rawatu will give you a deep dive into SAP HANA Graph capabilities, explaining numerous use cases and specific benefits. They will also kick off the SAP HANA Graph Community challenge and answer your open questions.

Set your reminder now!


In case you cannot attend the call, no worries, we are live-streaming from YouTube and the recording will be available right afterwards for you to re-listen, re-watch and share with whomever you want to share it with. We will also include the link to the recording on the SAP HANA on-premises and cloud databases Community Page afterwards, as well as a dedicated blog post explaining the SAP HANA Graph Community Challenge in detail.

Do you already have questions? Feel free to post them in the comment section below this blog post.

Do you want to learn more in advance to the call? Then check out these resources:


Do you have questions regarding another topic? Ask the SAP Community.
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