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The ST03 collector hourly background job SAP_COLLECTOR_FOR_PERFMONITOR can fail with short dump "EXPORT_TOO_MUCH_DATA" or "TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED".

These short dumps are a result of collecting a very large amount of statistics data (more than 2GB).  You should be able to check which area of the statistics is causing the problem in the short dump by searching for "AGGTYPE" or "I_AGG_TYPE".  The problem statistics profile area is immediately below AGGTYPE or I_AGG_TYPE in the dump.  In this example the dump occurs (and the 2GB limit reached) at profile WO (which is RFC client profile):

The problem is nearly always either HTTP stats (VC - Web Server) or RFC stats (W* - RFC).

You can also check in the SWNCMONI table for a more detailed analysis of what profile areas have a huge amount of entries in the table.  For example to check how many entries there are this month so far for WO (RFC client profile) stats you check in SE16 with:

RELID = statistics profile area

COMPONENT = application server or TOTAL for total stats

PERIODTYPE = M (month), W (week), or D (day)

PERIODSTRT = check stats starting from this date (use the beginning of this month for example)

There are a number of notes related to this issue now and, with these notes, a number of ways to resolve the problem.  The latest note is 2059569:

  • 2059569 - Runtime error EXPORT_TOO_MUCH_DATA when saving statistic data aggregates

As described in this note, with this code correction or SP level the EXPORT_TOO_MUCH_DATA will not happen anymore.  However data beyond the 2GB limit is no longer collected and therefore the statistics are incomplete.  By setting parameter SWNC_IGNORE_OVERFLOW only the profiles with too much data are left incomplete, the other areas are still collected.  See the note for full details.

For earlier releases or situations where note 2059569 cannot be used or implemented, there are other notes to resolve the problem.

If the problem is for HTTP stats (VC) you can implement the manual steps of note 1578639 and use the report SWNC_CONFIG_URL to activate the option 'URL without handle'

  • 1578639 - Shortdumps "EXPORT_TOO_MUCH_DATA" in "SWNCTOTAL"

If the problem is for HTTP stats (VC or VD) you can follow the manual steps of note 2022648 and use report SWNC_CONFIG_PATH to setup URL "normalization" rules as described in the note:

  • 2022648 - SWNC: "EXPORT_TOO_MUCH_DATA" in "SWNCTOTAL" for WEB profiles

If the problem is for RFC stats (W*) you can follow the manual steps of note 1631033 and use report SWNC_CONFIG_JOBNAME to setup rules for common background job names, similar to note 2022648

  • 1631033 - Normalization of background job names for statistics data

In ALL cases, you can use the original solution for this problem which is note 1110822:

  • 1110822 - Workload collector: Reducing the size of aggregates

You can use the report SWNC_COLLECTOR_COMPRESSION from note 1110822 and select the checkboxes for the problem profile.

In addition, you also should re-aggregate the data that already exists in the database for your selected profile(s).  To do this select the option "Schedule background program" (at the bottom) when running the report.  Then the additional report SWNC_COLLECTOR_RECOMPRESS is scheduled to run once in the background.

When you use this solution of note 1110822 with report SWNC_COLLECTOR_COMPRESSION, your statistics will end up looking like what is described in KBA note 2093522 for the profiles you have compressed:

  • 2093522 - ST03 Profiles do not show full information (compressed data)

For further information on these statistics in ST03 you can refer to the online documentation at:

Workload Monitor - SAP Library

Workload Monitor  ->  Operating the Workload Monitor  ->  Analysis Views of the Workload Monitor

The note 1110822 also lists each statistics profile area (that is available for compression) by its 2-letter short name and description.

More information and troubleshooting guides (including this one) on the BC-CCM-MON area are available in the CCMS Wiki space at:

Computing Center Management System (CCMS) - Technology Troubleshooting Guide - SCN Wiki