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Just coming back from the SAP CodeJam tour for CEE Region, it's time to share my impressions about this series of 4 events in a row.

The initiative is again organized together with University Alliances and allowed students from 4 different universities together with other registered participants to develop some apps on HANA Cloud Platform using all three HCP runtimes - HANA, Java and HTML5. And our focus was again to bring the technology nearer to all these young people, who have the passion to create cool HCP applications.

And here we go.

The first SAP CodeJam was hosted in Poznan University of Economics, Poland.

I was nicely surprised that the university already had quite some experience with HANA DB and good interest on HANA in practice using text analysis and predictive analysis algorithms. And it's also worth to mention that Prof.Dr. Witold Abramowicz, Head of the Department of Information Systems, was just awarded with "Think Big" award for innovation.

The event started with a short opening session where wioletta.sokolowska presented the different HANA related projects and researches which were already conducted by the university - presentation.

Then I presented the overview of HANA and HANA Cloud Platform so that everybody got the confidence to put a hands on the platform and develop the first apps on his own.

aleksandar.zlatkovski  explained in few more minutes the details about the exercises and we had already everything needed for the real Jamming to start.

Of course the catering was ready just on time for the lunch break

I was really impressed by the the enthusiasm of the participants and their development skills having in mind that we are in the University of Economics rather than Computer Science. And have to mention again that the accounts on HCP Trial will not expire, so the exercises can be repeated and extended long after the event itself.

The next stop of the CodeJam tour was in the University of Maribor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

We started with a really full room of students.

So we followed the similar agenda, starting with an overview for SAP and University Alliance, this time presented by jaka.crnivec

and then the the overview of HANA and HANA Cloud Platform.

And actually the students had already experience with similar events. So soon after the lunch break

they were already looking for something more challenging that they can implement on their own using the available resources and documentation of the platform.

The 3rd stop was in Singidunum University, Belgrade.

And the topic - once again the same - SAP HANA Cloud Platform

An interesting moment during the event was that HCP Trial had a planned downtime for the regular upgrade. And Yes - our deployed applications were still running but we couldn't deploy new ones, so this actually triggered our lunch break for which we used the university canteen.

And last but not least, we had the

4th SAP CodeJam Event in Óbuda University, Budapest.

And yes, the room was again full.

Even the internet connection couldn't handle initially the load. But the University Admin managed to add a new WiFi router for few minutes and we were ready to start. And the students interest was also encouraged by the hosting professor as students could receive credits if they write a summary after the event about their work and achievements during the day. The opening this time was made by adam.duditsfollowed by the standard HANA Cloud Platform overviews.

As the access to some of the students was not so easy, we could used the coffee breaks for discussions. 

And also not to forget the lunch and the fresh fruits.

After sharing some of the many pictures which accompany usually the SAP CodeJam events, it's time to share few words about

the exercises of the events

Covering all 3 runtimes of the platform for one day is a challenge. That's why we have each runtime as a separate CodeJam topic on its own.

The very first step for all of them is of course the registration. It's free and it doesn't expire, so trying something on the platform is not limited on time.

To start developing apps on the platform can be as easy as using your browser and try HTML5 apps with SAP Web IDE on SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Developing on HANA can also be as easy as this, just get your free Trial HANA Instance and you are ready to create your first Native HANA App using SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench following the step-by-step tutorial.

Setting up Eclipse for Java or HANA development also doesn't take more than few minutes with good internet connection.

Few hints, however, that might save you some time for investigating different issues, especially when using Eclipse (HANA Studio) for HANA Native Apps:

  • Set UTF-8 as default encoding for Eclipse workspace: Go to Windows -> Preferences -> Workspace and choose “Text file encoding” to be  UTF-8
  • Start Eclipse with clean option as described here: Navigate to your Eclipse installation directory, open eclipse.ini file with text editor, add a new line in the beginning of the file with content “-clean” and restart Eclipse. As an alternative you can use -clean at the command line to start Eclipse.
  • Switch keyboard language to English (US)

Are you ready to Jam?