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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
On May 17 – the day before the 5th SAP Inside Track in Wrocław – Capgemini hosted two SAP CodeJams for developers:

  1. For data engineers: data pipelines modelling with SAP Data Hub – by my great colleague vitaliy.rudnytskiy

  2. For software engineers: SAP Cloud Application Programming Model with node.js – by my great colleague and myself

DJ and I were really curious how the second issue of CAP CodeJam would turn out. We celebrated the premiere with almost 25 people in March this year in Frankfurt, one day before the SAP InsideTrack took place there.

This time even 35 participants were registered - and to our delight, the room provided by Capgemini was fully booked all the way to the last chair.

Still confused what the term CodeJam means? Have a look at our SAP Community Page.

What is this CodeJam all about?

To quote the organizers of the SAP InsideTrack Frankfurt:

"Together with DJ Adams, Max Streifeneder and Marius Obert you will explore the new Cloud Application Programming Model. 

In this CodeJam you will get to know the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP) in general, and gain hands-on experience by building an app with it. CAP is available in two flavors, Node.js (JavaScript) and Java; in this CodeJam we will be using Node.js, meaning that executable code will be written in JavaScript."

Hold on, what actually is the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model? "It guides application developers along a golden path of best practices allowing them to focus on their domain problems to solve instead of wasting time and efforts in technical disciplines and hard-to-maintain boilerplate code. How? By providing a set of enterprise-grade tools, languages and libraries that relieve them from technical disciplines.", so Daniel Hutzel in his announcement blog post.

Cloud Application Programming (CAP) Model without the necessity of Cloud.

CAP offers guidance, as mentioned above, but also openness. Therefore, in this CodeJam we almost exclusively omit the SAP Cloud Platform or the SAP Cloud Platform WebIDE Full-Stack and instead use the devices of the respective participants and some local tools - without emphasizing any pros and cons, but the openness that CAP offers.

In just a few minutes, we work together to shed light on the theory of what CAP actually is, what it has to offer and then start immediately with a sample project. (Following the less slide, more code approach) Using Visual Studio Code and the extension provided by SAP, we build a data model and an associated service with just a handful of lines of CDS coding within a couple of seconds.

Throughout the day, we take a look at many parts of CAP ( all of them are simply not possible and not effective), so that at the end of the day, participants have a basic understanding of this approach and can then continue to find their way around and build up knowledge on their own. Some of the topics we cover are Aspects, Annotations, i18n, Custom Handler written in Javascript (which generates the Default OData services, extended by CAP) and providing a corresponding Fiori application.

We store the respective data in a lightweight database locally on the computer, namely SQLite3. A later development scenario could look similar - developing in Visual Studio Code with data in SQLite3 and the application logic in node.js on your own machine. All locally, before it's going to be deployed and swapped into SAP HANA on the SAP Cloud Platform with almost no effort.

This is the final version of our Bookshop example, running in a local SAP Fiori Launchpad:

A CodeJam is more than developing on a straightforward way

You guys were simply awesome, with all the - admittedly - not everydays questions about CAP and other topics. How you helped each other and therefore not only get tips and tricks from DJ or me but also learn from your fellows/consultants/developers from other companies. It's again another special yet relaxed and fun day! Thanks for having us 🙂

kisses and hugs to all of you 😉


So, is this something you would try as well? Then get together software engineers and other developers interested in these topics, and request your local SAP CodeJam! We'll be happy to come and help you to build all this ?



This post was brought to you by a rainy wednesday evening in Berlin, warmed up by R/D Coffee Bar.
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