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Date: 7th of December 2016

Location: SAP Clockhouse place, London, England

The theme: SAPUI5 / UI Development Toolkit for HTML5

Our host: UK & Ireland SAP User Group

With over 4000 members registered with 500 companies across the UK and Ireland, the UKI SUG hold over 100 Events in all SAP related areas each year including one day Symposiums, Special Interest Group meeting (SIG’s) and a range of Webinars. Not forgetting our showcase Annual Conference, UKISUG: Connect.

The main goal of the user group is to facilitate networking, knowledge exchange and best practice amongst members. We also provide an independent voice for SAP users in the UK and Ireland whilst providing a channel for SAP to communicate to customers.

Recently, a brand new Developers SIG was launched, and was “kicked off” with a CodeJam on SAPUI5!

The audience:

Interestingly, all participants were joining with a strong ABAP background, and some with already a strong and solid expertise on SAPUI5.

I had also the pleasure to meet gareth.ryan2 and 3b25c79e4ade4481aeb1b5125041254c who helped me drive the event and were really engaged in getting feedback from the audience on such events for the future. So, now I’m looking forward for the next one!!

The goals:

During the CodeJam, we provided access to useful online information, exercises and tutorials but also guidelines regarding the set of tools to use with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAPUI5 and to build an application.

One key aspect of the session was not only to provide the audience with tips and tricks regarding the technology and the tools but also around common errors and ways to debug problems.

The networking:

As stated before, a CodeJam is not successful unless the attendees manage to code and deploy an app and also share their knowledge and experiences around SAP and other technologies.

During the event we had multiple opportunities to share some of our “dev life” experiences, jumping from “ABAP” to “UI5”, deployment scenarios, etc.

Want your own event?

You can request your own event by simply sending us an email to
Select a topic of your choice, choose three possible dates, tell us the maximum number of people you can support (we prefer at least 25 to 40).

We will get back to you as soon as we have an expert available.

For more details on the CodeJam program or the multiple topics we offer, check out our page here:Hosting an SAP CodeJam Event

Some pictures: