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Since I don’t have the day off to eat cake and celebrate President’s Day, I’m going to use the opportunity to describe some of the newest projects spooling up or recently under way.

For nearly as long as I’ve been working with project teams at COIL Silicon Valley, Red Hat has remained a very active member. They head in to the new year demonstrating how using Red Hat technologies can make administration of SAP easier, highly available and more secure. Technologies like Red Hat Virtualization, RHV, CloudFormsSatellite and Ansible, and applying them to tasks like doing in place upgrades and live patching for SAP Hana or security hardening.

I will look forward to seeing the planned demo for Satellite for subscription management and another planned for CloudForms. One more cool dimension of this project is the System Rack from Lenovo being used to backstop all of the different use case deployments and demos.

In the same breath, I can describe Citrix as another longstanding COIL project member also gearing up for more project work. Citrix and SAP will work at COIL to validate a joint mobile platform reference architecture using both Citrix and SAP solutions. The parties will build demos to showcase the joint architecture, and provide best practices for implementing a secure, scalable mobile architecture using relevant components from SAP Mobile Platform and Citrix NetScaler and XenMobile platforms.

We hope to see Phase 1 begin shortly which will zero in on Functionality of Citrix and SAP components (NetScaler and XenMobile) and (SAP Mobile Platform and S/4). The project work will seek to optimize use of Citrix NetScaler -VPN Gateway hub and Load balancer as well as to explore User experience functionality using Citrix secure hub app connecting to NetScaler which is acting as VPN Gateway hub and Load balance to backend SAP systems.

Another always active COIL project member is Nutanix, both here in our Palo Alto Lab and COIL Singapore.

The current effort here in Palo Alto is to identify select COIL projects that can be effectively provisioned using Nutanix. The Nutanix infrastructure stood up in COIL supports Client Demos. In 2018, the plan is to leverage this infrastructure for major SAP & Nutanix conferences, such as live demo of Nutanix platform features such as rapid deployment, agility, fractional IT consumption, day-2 operational benefits, etc. Working with the local coil team, Nutanix will setup a Disaster recovery scenario between COIL Palo Alto & Singapore to demonstrate Nutanix out of the box the Data Protection feature for SAP workloads.

In the latter half of the year Nutanix also plans to bring Blueprint through its CALM (Cloud Automation Lifecycle management) product for SAP workloads. Right now, CALM is used for non-SAP workloads and the project plan here is to extend that to SAP Netweaver & SAP HANA workloads.

Excitement is beginning to build for the COIL powered SAP ESRI Spatial Hackathon occurring down in Palm Springs, CA Mar 4, 5 and 6. COIL has stood up a landscape to support more than 100 participants comprising some twenty teams plus the team Hackathon admins. In 40 hours or less, this event should tease out some very cool results given the concentration of super advanced GIS development skills.

Good to luck to all the participants- the winners will leave with some serious prizes. We look forward to ESRI joining us here in the lab to drive a great hackathon series as well as to pursue some additional projects.

What else? We have a very cool project now in motion working with the SAP multi cloud team which is very interested to explore the capabilities of another new COIL project member, Virtual Power Systems. This project begins with applying VPS hardware (ICE) and software solution that uses an existing infrastructure footprint to deliver more power within the data center by elasticizing it as a resource. The project starts with examining a single rack in our computing center. You can learn more from this recent press release.

I’m going to spin up a dedicated blog post in a few weeks to talk about a very cool project we are doing here with DELL/EMC, Intel and the SAP Oil & Gas Industry Business unit to create a new IoT industry accelerator focusing upon remote operations. I mention it now only to recognize new project member Pixel Velocity who joins the effort to demonstrate application of its computer vision and machine learning useful for things like reacting to something like a local meter on a pump, visible by camera, when its needle is pointing to an undesirable readout. More on this project in the days ahead.

The machine learning focused projects are beginning to surround us this year. We are delighted to have Seeloz join us in COIL this year to get its operational optimization system running upon Hana and from the SAP Cloud. We are establishing a demonstration of how this solution can be used to reduce costs attributed to hospital pharmacy waste where we are working with our SAP Health Care IBU to introduce this solution. The solution is also highly applicable to pharmacy distributors as well as retailers and we are keen to see Seeloz work with SAP at COIL to continue with developing these use cases.

In the spirit of building off of prior project work (Standing on the shoulders of Giants), we were thrilled to go back to some work we started with SAP NS2 nearly four years ago in the development of its POC for Hana Intelligent Data Fusion. One the tools this solution offers is Event Risk Forecasting which leverages AI and more specifically swarm intelligence from ConvergentAI (formerly AxxonAI). I connected with the CEO and CTO along with our CTO from SAP NS2 to explore the relevance and applicability of this technology and its improvement upon the Near Repeat Method to other industries and domains. This is some rich content you can find introduced over on my recent Digitalist post.

Much more in the days ahead. (It’s only Feb right?)