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SAP Cloud SDK for JavaScript version 3 is in the making. Check out what's new and share your feedback upfront.

Update: Version 3 was released in the mean time. For details, check the release blog post.

View this announcement on GitHub.

What's New?

Improved OData Generator

We are discontinuing the shipment of pregenerated clients (often called Virtual Data Model, VDM). Instead, you can generate your own clients with the SAP Cloud SDK OData generator.
We are improving the API, default behavior and performance of the OData generator, to make it even more convenient for you to generate a client for the service you need.


We will introduce a new concept: middlewares. With middlewares you will be able to add your own logic before request execution - similar to web application frameworks like Express or NestJS.
For example, you could send additional requests or change the payload before sending the actual request.
Another common case for middlewares is resilience, e.g. if you want to protect your system with a circuit breaker. With middlewares, you will be able to cancel request execution based on statistics from previous requests.


Finally, resilience for your target system is integrated in the SAP Cloud SDK. You will be able to use the SAP Cloud SDK's default configuration for circuit breakers, retries and timeouts, or implement your own.
For more details on middlewares and resilience, refer to our architecture decision record.

Sending E-Mails

We recently released experimental functionality to send e-mails against SAP BTP destinations of type "MAIL".
In version 3 we will make it available for productive use.
You can find more details in the mail documentation.


We want to keep our API clean and simple to use. Therefore we will remove most of the deprecated functionality from the API.

Node 18 is the current long term support (LTS) version. Previous node versions will reach their end of life within the next year (see node.js release schedule). Therefore, all SAP Cloud SDK for JavaScript libraries will switch to node 18 as the minimum supported node version.

Should I Upgrade?

We will provide a comprehensive upgrade guide to make it as easy for you as possible.
Only if you upgrade, will you be able to benefit from security updates and new features.
Also, we try to keep our breaking changes as small as possible. If you update with every version, you only have to deal with a minimal set of changes.


The release is scheduled for Q1 2023. Stay tuned!

Feel free to give feedback on the scope, current state or the SDK in general and start a new discussion or comment here.