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Between two major client events - SAP Executive Summit in Potsdam (Berlin) and d-code in the Valley - time for a quick update on SAP Cloud. Many, many customer, partner and influencer meetings happened - thank you for all the feedback which we do incorporate in our strategy going forward.

It is addressed in the video, but thought I share some of the highlights here as well:

- As already stated in the cloud strategy update earlier - and we are just executing on our strategy, we will converge to ONE platform in the cloud (paas;)

- We have proven that the platform works as we have built own solutions on top of it AND partners are doing as well

- We are moving all solutions (saas;) to the platform, and we did so already for many of them

A big thank you to our clients and partners, they are the inspiration for us to drive the Cloud transition to success. Here are the facts:

SAP Cloud Facts

  • 72000+ customers using our cloud solutions
  • 35M+ cloud users
  • The leading social business platform - 12M+ JAM users
  • The world’s largest business network – 1.2M+ connected companies transacting over $500 billion in commerce on an annual basis
  • €1+ billion (~$1.34B USD) annual cloud run rate
  • 162% year-over-year subscription revenue growth
  • The market’s leading public cloud application portfolio with public applications ranked No. 1 in human capital management, procurement, business networks and social collaboration.

Some further proof points needed? Try the solutions:

Enjoy the quarterly update for more comprehensive overview, and here a link to the quarterly update video. And we also have a short version - in a nutshell for people with less time 😉

  • long version here:

  • short version here:

  • And here you can get the latest slides:

Also see latest updates in the blogs below.

Hope you like it, looking forward to your feedback and follow us via twitter @SAPCloud and  @SDenecken


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