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Between two SAPTeched events I thought it would be good to share an update on SAP Cloud. Many, many customer, partner and influencer meetings happened - a lot of input and feedback digested. One topic I see trending is the discussion about ONE platform. What is SAP doing in regards to Platform as a Service?

It is addressed in the video, but thought I share some of the highlights here as well:

- As already stated in the cloud strategy update early 2012 - and we are just executing on our strategy, we will converge to ONE platform in the cloud (paas;)

- We have proven that the platform works as we have built own solutions on top of it AND partners are doing as well

- We are moving solutions (saas;) to the platform, and we did so already

Maybe the most prominent example given the controversy in discussion was #ByDesign , but this expected by the wrong statements in the press about the dead of this product. I would call them rather exaggerated 😉 Serious, enough has been responded to it, but we will see this and many other solutions profit from the innovation power from SAP and especially through the platform - HANA Cloud platform (hcp). And we are quick, already moved several apps that where based on the ByD stack to HANA...

Some further proof points needed?

  • We already moved the first solution from the Cloud4Customer portfolio - "day in a life scenario" for making sales people more productive
  • We are moving the first solution from the Cloud4Finance portfolio to the HCP, Business in Focus - expect to be done this year
  • Other good examples are: S&OP – Sales and Operations Planning, FSN – Financial Service Network, Cloud for Financials, Accenture add ons, Business One Cloud, SAP Mobile Documents, SAP Service On Demand, SuccessFactors Employee Central “Show Me” media service, SAP Product Stewardship Network, and, and, and… – check them out at TechEd

Enjoy the quarterly update for more comprehensice overview, and here a link to the quarterly update video:

And here you can get the latest slides:

Join some of the multiple sessions on cloud and platform at TechEd or via live sessions in the web. Looking forward to see you sap.teched in Amsterdam if you are there in person.

Hope you like it, looking forward to your feedback @SDenecken


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