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Following the blog by my colleague oliver.graeff  announcing SAPUI5’s support strategy for Microsoft’s legacy browsers, and the announcement by Microsoft to limit the support for Microsoft IE11 and Microsoft Edge Legacy, which do not fulfill the requirements of a modern browser regarding features, security, performance, etc. I would like to bring to your attention that the SAP Cloud Portal service and SAP Launchpad service will follow the same support strategy as SAPUI5, which means that the portal and launchpad services will no longer support IE11 starting with SAPUI5 1.88.

  • SAPUI5 1.84 is the last long term maintenance version supporting Microsoft IE11 and Microsoft Edge Legacy.

  • SAPUI5 1.87 will be the last SAPUI5 version supporting Microsoft IE11. All SAPUI5 versions up to and including SAPUI5 1.87 will continue to support IE11 as long as they are in maintenance.


It is recommended using the latest version of a modern, supported browser according to the supported browsers for Portal (Neo), Portal (Multi-Cloud) and the Launchpad.

If you still absolutely need to use Microsoft’s legacy browsers

If you must use these legacy browsers versions, and until your environment is updated to a supported browser, in the Neo portal you can manually set the SAPUI5 version to a specific version. Use this capability to enforce a specific SAPUI5 version for your site, which supports Microsoft IE11 and Microsoft Edge Legacy. Please note that this is a not a recommended approach, but a possible workaround in case absolutely required.
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