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Business Technology Platform

One of the most important components of SAP's strategy complimenting the Intelligent Suite is our Business Technology Platform. SAP's Business Technology Platform brings the intelligence to your Intelligent Enterprise strategy. It is an integrated offering comprised of four technology portfolios, giving users flexibility to choose SAP technologies that provide an intrinsic understanding of data and processes in SAP and 3rd-party applications. Business-centric services in the four technology portfolio offers agility for companies to quickly turn their data into business value.

How do I get my hands on Business Technology Platform?

The next step for any Cloud enthusiast would be to try out the platform itself! And as many of you who are eager to do so, we at SAP strive to bring most of the services experience on our trial accounts.

So where can I create a trial account for myself? Here is the link to create an account for yourself:

Ok, I've created an account now what do I do?

What do you get and what can you do?

To help you further, we have plenty of material in our various developer friendly sites like which give you step by step information on developing and developing simple applications on Business Technology Platform.

To help you understand what services you get through a trial account through this blog I wanted to touch upon some of the important services that you can get access to, build demo applications and gain confidence about the platform itself.

Here are some important points to note:

  • Every trial user gets one trial account only.

  • For each trial account, a sub-account is created automatically. Each sub-account is associated with exactly one Cloud Foundry organization in which you can create additional spaces.

  • You can use production and beta services in trial accounts.

  • Cloud Foundry trial accounts expire after 30 days. You can extend the trial period twice for 30 days each, to a total maximum of 90 days, after which your account is automatically deleted.

Now for some important services:

  1. Service Name: ABAP Environment

Quantity/Quota in Trial: Shared ABAP on the Cloud instance with 16GB of ABAP App Runtime and 64 GB of HANA persistence.

What is it?

SAP Cloud Platform ABAP environment is SAP’s Platform-as-a-Service offering to create innovative ABAP applications and extensions in the cloud. It provides the modern ABAP RESTful Programming Model, leveraging SAP HANA, SAP Fiori, and a cloud-optimized ABAP language with a clear set of released standard APIs. Developers can utilize a development toolset that enables tight integration with Git-enabled lifecycle management.


2. Service Name: Application Runtime

Quantity/Quota in Trial: 4 GB

What is it?

The SAP Cloud Platform Application Runtime lets you develop polyglot cloud-native applications and run them on the SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry environment.


Included entitlements:

HTML5 Application Repository Store and serve HTML5 application content.
Connectivity Establish connections between cloud applications and on-premise systems.
Destination Retrieve information about destinations in the Cloud Foundry environment.
Application Logging Create, store, access and analyze application logs.
Feature Flags Control the rollout of new features.
Application Autoscaler Automatically scale your applications to meet their dynamic resource needs.

      3. Service Name: SAP CP Integration Suite

Quantity/Quota in Trial:

This runs in the Cloud Foundry environment. Some key features available:

Capability Scope
Cloud Integration Subaccount 1 subaccount, associated with 1 tenant

SAP does not provide support to establish secure connection using private keys and authentication based on inbound client certificate.

Recommendation: Use basic authentication for allowing a client to authenticate itself against the CF server based on user credentials (clientid and clientsecret)
Integration Flows 10
Instance Memory 8 GB
Memory for Applications 2 GB
Message Processing 1000 messages per day
Message Processing Logs (MPL) Persistence max. 7 days
Processing of payloads message above 1 MB not supported
JMS Queues 10
Open Connectors 10.000 API calls per trial account
Integration Advisor Browsing and Editing of the full content for Type Systems with status “Trial” is limited to a selected message:

·        ASC X12 – 850 - Purchase order

·        UN/EDIFACT – Orders – Purchase order

·        GS1 EANCOM– Orders – Purchase order
PDF generation of the created MIG/MAG with trial content will be printed with a watermark “Draft”

What is it?

SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite is a versatile, dynamic and enterprise-grade integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS), which simplifies and accelerates enterprise integration and helps organizations to transform into intelligent enterprises. It is an open and modular iPaaS supporting a comprehensive set of end-to-end integration scenarios.


      4. Service Name: Portal

Quantity/Quota in Trial: 100 users

What is it?

SAP Cloud Platform Portal lets you build digital experience portals for employees, customers, and partners. You can streamline access to business data so that your employees can execute their daily business tasks securely, from any device.



    5. Service Name: SAP HANA Cloud

Quantity/Quota in Trial:

SAP HANA in memory DB – 32 GB

SAP HANA Native Storage Extension (Warm store) – 120 GB

Data Lake – 1 TB + 4 vCPUs (Sybase IQ)

What is it?

SAP HANA Cloud is a data platform-as-a-service that offers the power and performance of SAP HANA natively in the cloud, including full capabilities to manage data storage, federate, and run powerful applications. Using SAP HANA Cloud, you can set up and run a data management platform and data lake and then bind them to applications running on SAP Cloud Platform or elsewhere. You can access SAP HANA Cloud using a variety of languages and interfaces, as well as build applications and data models.



      6. Service Name: SAP Business Application Studio

Quantity/Quota in Trial: 1 user

What is it?

SAP Business Application Studio (the next generation of SAP Web IDE) is a powerful and modern development environment, tailored for efficient development of business applications for the Intelligent Enterprise. Available as a cloud service, it provides developers a desktop-like experience similar to market leading IDEs, while accelerating time-to-market with high-productivity development tools such as wizards and templates, graphical editors, quick deployment, and more.



      7. Service Name: SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

Quantity/Quota in Trial: 1 unit (1000 transactions)

What is it?

SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation lets you automate enterprise business processes. Design process automations with the Desktop Studio by creating end-to-end scenarios. Import these scenarios into the cloud Factory powered by SAP Cloud Platform to configure and execute them with Agents. Agents running on workstations can work as a Digital Assistant (attended automation) or as a Digital Worker (unattended automation).


What are the other services in trial account?

You can refer to this link for all the other services that are available in the trial account.

What next for you?

So here's what I urge you to

  1. Visit

  2. Create a trial account for yourself and instantiate the relevant services

  3. Visit to find the relevant tutorial

  4. Develop, deploy and analyse your applications!