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In this blog series, I want to write about SAP Cloud Platform (SAP CP) from a (cloud) architect's perspective. I will focus on topics like user and access management, transports, application lifecycle management, landscape design, and many more topics that I typically discuss with customers around SAP CP.

In my projects, I found that there was much confusion about architectural topics like user and access management, account structure, and recommended application design on SAP CP. I experience that many tutorials and documents available today discuss small scale applications but there is only few information about large-scale corporate SAP CP landscapes and architectures.

So for people and companies who are using or want to use SAP CP in larger scale production environments and not only for "playing around", hopefully the content of these articles help you in understanding and managing your SAP CP landscapes and application architectures as I have designed and recommended them in actual customer projects.

During this series, I want to cover the following topics and explain them in my own words and material, which I use every day to explain the Cloud Platform:

So stay tuned for those articles, which I plan to release over time from now on. Feel free to ask me questions about my projects or request new articles about topics that are of interest to you. If I am capable of answering your questions/issues/needs, I will be most pleased to help you understanding cloud architectures around the SAP Cloud Platform.

Disclaimer and a word of caution: The recommendations that I am giving in my blogs and the information I am presenting are collected and developed in a careful manner by myself with the help of my fellow colleagues. However, they are not "official" guidelines released by SAP (although I am a SAP consultant). Also, the information can be outdated as the platform is developed further. So I personally cannot guarantee for the correctness of everything I am writing about in these articles and I do not speak for SAP when I am giving you recommendations. However, it is my highest aim to lower your potential confusion in SAP CP topics so if you find anything contradicting or striking, contact me and let's have an open discussion!

Last but not least I want to say thank you to my fellow colleagues, especially from product management, who are always very informative, helpful, and patient when I disturb them with my stupid questions. 🙂

Thanks and cheers, Jakob