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After a year of hard work on our side and eager waiting on your side, we released the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS today.

We encourage you to download the SDK for free from SAP Store or SAP Service Marketplace. With the new Xcode around since Monday, we decided to deliver an Xcode 8.2 compatible version as well as an Xcode 8.3 compatible version; just in case you haven't upgraded yet. The 'free trial' on SAP Store indicates that you get this without enterprise support (unless you have a matching Cloud Platform mobile services license) - the functionality is not limited. In case you are downloading from Service Marketplace, please check the info link to make sure you pick the right version for your Xcode setup (the newer file is the Xcode 8.3 compatible version).
In addition, you'll need an SAP Cloud Platform account, apply for a free trial, if needed.

The core features of the SDK include

  • SAPCommon: logging

  • SAPFoundation: support for network, authentication, push, storage, configuration, supportability, and more

  • SAPOData: OData v2 and v4 compliant client implementation, creation of strongly typed client proxy classed for easy OData service consumption

  • SAPOfflineOData: capabilities to take OData v2 services offline and work locally on the device

  • SAPFiori: UI controls for building great enterprise apps that are compliant with the Fiori for iOS design language

  • Assistant: a tool to generate scaffolding projects using the SDK, incl. sample apps with master-detail UI based on any OData service

In order to get started, please checkout the tutorials and videos in SAP's developer portal as well as Apple's developer page. The best start is to use the Assistant for a first quick sample app and explore the SDK from there (see section below on hints, if you don't see data coming in). The SDK documentation and API docs will provide more help.

You can also watch the Code Talk with Ian and myself, and an introduction video that shows how to make best use of the first couple minutes with the SDK.

Have fun using the SDK and share your experiences with us. We're happy to hear positive feedback, and looking forward to criticism where we can improve our SDK further.

Andreas - Chief Product Owner, SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS

Known Issues and Gotchas

We have identified a few things that you need to be aware of. While we work continuously on improving things and making this list shrink, please bear with us for the time being on these particular issues and accept our work-arounds. We will update this list with every patch we deliver.

  • when trying out the sample app that is produced by the Assistant, it might happen that the OData service does not return any data, if you are using a fresh Cloud Platform account. Please login to your Mobile Services Cockpit then, navigate to the 'Developer' tab, and press the button to initialize the OData service and generate sample data.

  • the hardware keyboard does not work in the Simulator for some SAPFiori controls, please disable the hardware keyboard and use the onscreen keyboard in the simulator


The latest patch PL02 improved stability further and amongst others also resolved these issues:

  • the App might crash when accessing SAPOData.DataError.localizedDescription directly; please simply log/print error instead of error.localizedDescription

  • In FUIHorizontalFlowCollectionViewLayout, minimumScaledItemSize is wrongly calculated, please set itemSize manually

  • FUITableViewCollectionSection crash when setting supplementary header view. Workaround:  use FUITableViewHeaderFooterView, instead