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On March, 2017, SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS was released. Please view here to get a general idea about this new SDK.

Basically, there are three parts:

  • SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS Assistant -- Tool to generate an initial project integrated with SDK framework and your SAP Cloud Platform backend service

  • Core SDK Frameworks -- Core library to build iOS Fiori apps

  • SAP Fiori for iOS Mentor -- Mentor app to help understand and implement Fiori controls


Painpoints & Solution

For the last one: SAP Fiori for iOS Mentor, it is an iPad app and available on AppStore. This means you need an iPad with iOS10+ to install this app. For some developers who do not have iPad nearby, they have no reference.


Similar to SAPUI5 explored's guidance for SAPUI5 developer, I made this Fiori Explored project based on SDK's documentation. This project covers most of Fiori controls in SAP.Fiori framework and help developers to choose the correct control. This project can also be a supplement of mentor app.



Target persons

Experienced iOS developer who has authorization to download SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS.


Implement Steps

Step1: Download SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS from SAP Store

The SDK version I used in my project is: "SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS 1.0 SP01 Xcode 8.3". If you meet any compatibility issue in the project, kindly check SDK version first.


Step2:Install SDK and get core frameworks

Install SDK to see "SAP CP SDK for iOS" folder under your installation path. Then find core library frameworks under

<Install_Path>/SAP CP SDK for iOS/Frameworks/Release-fat

Step3: Download project from Here

Not able to find any place to upload attachment in this blog, so I uploaded to Github 😞

Step4: Integrate Project with SDK frameworks

Open the project with XCode(8.3+), go to General setting tab -> Embedded Binaries

Drag all 5 frameworks into this project, check "Copy Item if needed"



Actually you don't need all 5 frameworks, this is just for your connivence in future development. SAPOdata and SAPOfflineOData are not used in this project for the moment.



Step5: Run the project and have fun ^_^







1: This project is only a demonstrate and initial configuration of SDK controls. they are not definitely implemented as SAP Best Practice. For the completed UI Design guide of SAP Fiori for iOS, please visit

2: Run on iPad simulator for better source code display

Alternatively, you can go to <Project_Path>/FioriExplored/Code to directly see the source code file in Finder.

3: SDK official documentation, please go to <SDK_Path>/SAP CP SDK for iOS/Documentation/SAP_CP_SDK_for_iOS_ApiDoc/index.html

4: For official Tutorials of SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, please visit