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The moment we’ve all been planning, anticipating, preparing and packing for is finally upon us: SAP SAPPHIRENOW 2018! While I may not be enjoying the SAPPHIRE festivities on the ground this year, I am dutifully poised behind my keyboard ready to tell you all about a new and very exciting change to our website: SAP Cloud Platform Scenarios!

Our goal on the SAP Cloud Platform team is to provide the most strategic content and resources to our customers so they can begin innovation projects quickly and effectively. With that goal in mind, we’ve introduced an entirely new tab on our website for users to learn about applicable business challenges SAP Cloud Platform can solve. In fact, our website now offers 8 brand-new scenarios that address key business challenges for customers along with 22 related use cases that provide detailed enablement tools and training materials – including blueprints, a bill of materials and a personalized link to the pricing estimator.

What Will You Get With SAP Cloud Platform Scenarios? 

You will find Scenarios in the top-level navigation of the website. At its very core, Scenarios is a brand-new way to address and intersect with the way a vast majority of customers are looking to solve enterprise challenges and improve business agility. The eight scenarios offered on the site for SAPPHIRE are based off customer feedback and data about key pain points they experience on a day-to-day basis. We also showcase customers who have achieved similar scenarios for inspiration.

Within each scenario, you will find use cases. These use cases offer details on specific implementation cases to guide customers through the weeds of what is needed to make the project a reality. The beauty of these use cases is that customers can see a bill of material of recommended SAP Cloud Platform services, a blueprint for download, links to associated capabilities pages, and an enablement package that features everything from code samples to Learning Journeys and Academy Videos. Moreover, customers can add these services straight to the SAP Cloud Platform pricing estimator to begin configuration! Isn’t that incredibly handy?

SAP Cloud Platform Key Pillars 

In case our new SAP Cloud Platform Scenarios wasn’t enough for you, we’ve also added six pages to our homepage to highlight mission-critical content. You can now find information on the following:

Last, but certainly not least, you can now find information on the SAP Cloud Platform ABAP environment and the SAP Cloud Platform Kubernetes environment.

I hope you all enjoy SAP SAPPHIRENOW 2018 and make time to check out our new SAP Cloud Platform Scenarios soon.