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Helping customers achieve enterprise agility

Data is increasingly the currency of digital transformation, and enterprises need to respond quickly to changing market situations. Today, this is evident in the steady move of workloads from on-premises deployments, to fully managed database services in the cloud.

For enterprise customers, agility tops the list as a key reason for choosing a fully managed database service in the cloud, over a "self-managed" database installed on customer-owned hardware (or VMs). For CIOs and CTOs, the reduced administrative burden and capital requirements serve as additional motivators in the move to the cloud. For application developers, the ease of setup with a fully managed database service allows them to focus on building their applications, rather than spending time on database set up and configuration.

It’s because of this that SAP has increased our investment in the SAP HANA service, to help our customers improve their time-to-value and reduce the barriers to rapid innovation.

Incorporating the best of cloud

The latest version of the SAP HANA service will fully leverage the agility of the cloud:

  1. On-demand provisioning: create SAP HANA instances whenever and where ever you need them, with nothing more than a few mouse clicks.  Your new SAP HANA instance is ready to use in a few minutes.

  2. Consumption-based pricing: charges are calculated based on actual usage of resources and services

  3. Elastic scale: change the size of your HANA instance as your needs change.

  4. Managed service: let us worry about the hardware, the OS, backups and service monitoring.

Leveraging the best of SAP HANA

The cloud capabilities noted above just address the aspects of deploying and managing SAP HANA, but the core of the service is SAP HANA itself. It’s important to realize that this isn’t something different from the SAP HANA that you deploy and manage yourself. The SAP HANA service delivers all the benefits of SAP HANA including:

  1. Innovate with intelligence from live data: The core in-memory capabilities of SAP HANA, provide customers with the power of transactional and analytical processing against a single live data set along with advanced analytics to power innovative applications.

  2. Break cloud boundaries and limits:  the SAP HANA service is available in multiple cloud environments—with a single contract from SAP (no need to contract the infrastructure provider separately). And it’s fully compatible with self-deployed HANA systems, allowing for application/workload portability. There’s no need to maintain different versions of your application for different environments, or to “port” your application to a new environment.

  3. Deliver business-ready cloud apps and insights quickly: Harness the full range of services available in SAP Cloud Platform and third party platforms to quickly build and deploy innovative new business applications. And trust your data is secure with advanced security including real-time anonymization.

Using SAP HANA as a Service

The service is especially well suited to enterprise customers who have the goal of rapid innovation, reducing time to value. Consider these use cases:

  • Develop new applications: For enterprises looking to develop new applications, customers can leverage the next-gen hybrid transaction and analytical processing capabilities of SAP HANA, to build applications that run on a single copy of data. As such, applications built on the SAP HANA platform can be built much more intelligently using live data in real-time.

  • Agile data marts: For agile data marts, customers can collect, process and scale multiple data volumes up or down flexibly, while still retaining in-memory performance and minimizing unneeded capacity.

  • Develop application extensions: Existing applications can be extended that make use of offerings such as multi-model analytics or even machine learning capabilities available on the leading SAP Cloud Platform, or even with the customers' own public cloud. And trust your data is secure—on-premises or in the cloud—with advanced security including real-time anonymization in SAP HANA.

Get started!

You can try the SAP HANA service now, in the context of the SAP Cloud Platform runtime environment. For a free trial, sign up here. To learn more about the SAP HANA service, visit the SAP HANA page on the SAP Cloud platform site, and you can learn more about SAP HANA here.And stay tuned for more updates and we look forward to learning about your experience with the solution.