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We are delighted to announce the launch of our new service SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors. Expanding upon the capabilities of our Integration and Orchestration offering, SAP Cloud Platform suite, the new SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors simplifies and accelerates connectivity to third-party cloud applications.

With SAP Cloud Platform Integration and Open Connectors, customers can drive innovation faster by painlessly integrating cloud and on-premises applications, whether from SAP or from third parties, using open standards-based Web services. For example, SAP Cloud Platform Integration will now be able to help customers synchronize their SAP S/4HANA digital core systems with a variety of third party CRM solutions, supporting opportunity-to-cash business processes. SAP Cloud Platform API Management customers will now be able to support more robust mobile development, eco-system collaboration and data optimization processes by incorporating data flows from an impressive range of third-party SaaS solutions.

SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors provides robust, feature rich, prebuilt connectors to an extensible library of over 150 of the most popular non-SAP cloud applications. The connectors offer a preconfigured means of smooth, comprehensive integration through harmonized representational state transfer (REST) APIs and universal resource identifiers (URIs) with normalized authentication, error handling, search, pagination, and bulk support regardless of the underlying architecture of the third-party applications.  By normalizing the operations, it drastically reduces the learning curve of integrating with additional cloud applications.

The connectors come with interactive API documentation, based on the Open API Specification 2.0 for REST APIs, providing integrated test and try functionality for third-party applications all together in one place. Standardized events support polling and web hooks irrespective of the eventing support of the connected third-application. This simplifies handling of change notifications via the pre-built connectors.

The connectors are grouped or categorized into hubs to provide a unified set of resource URIs across various connectors that are part of the same hub. Hubs provide consistent resources URIs regardless of the technology used by the target third-party application. Hub topics include Marketing, Social, Finance, Field Service, Help desk, Cloud storage, CRM, Human Capital, Payments, ERP, Accounting, Database, Messaging, Collaboration, Ecommerce, and more.



With common resource (common objects), customers can transform fields provided by their third-party applications to a single, normalized resource. This allows customers to take advantage of our one-to-many integration approach where they connect to a single common object to integrate the transformed resources from their various third-party applications. SAP Cloud Platform Integration and API Management customers as well as other SAP Cloud Platform services customers will now be able to quickly implement one-to-many integrations to multiple third-party applications through a single common object approach.




To know more about SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors, visit us at SAP Community.