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Version 1.5 of SAP Cloud Platform Master Data for business partners (also referred to as BP service in the blog) was released on Feb 28th, 2020.

To support Intelligent Enterprise Suite scenarios for e.g. Lead to Cash, Source to Pay etc. one of the key requirements was to support customer specific extensions to service data model and distribution of extensions across LOB applications running these scenarios. This is addressed with 1.5 release.

Other objective is to ensure continuous support and feature enhancement for C/4HANA integration scenarios.

Key Features of Release 1.5

Complete list of capabilities released with 1.5 version are as follows:

  • Extensibility of SOAP interface

For IE integration scenarios (for e.g. C/4HANA integration for lead to cash), SOAP interface of the service is extensively used. In order to support end to end extensibility, it was critical that along with ODATA and Fiori interfaces (delivered with 1.3 release of the service), SOAP interface also support customer defined extensions. This functionality would then enable customer to create/ update extensions as well as distribute them to multiple connected applications.

Capability to extend SOAP interface is delivered with 1.5 release. Customers can define extensions in the following entities from service data model:

    • Customer

    • Sales Area

    • Supplier

    • Supplier Company

    • Supplier Purchasing Organization

    • Business Partner

There are some limitations which would be addressed in subsequent releases. Please refer to SAP Note for detailed list of limitations.

  • Support for C4HANA integration scenarios

Following feature enhancements are done to enhance already delivered integration with C4HANA pillars.

  • Change Management for New Records:

In the previous releases, BP service did not support multiple changes to a new record triggered from consuming applications and corresponding validation of each change by leading system in a synchronized way.

Thus, there was a limitation that once a newly created record is replicated to leading system for validations, no further changes could be made to the record on BP service.

It is expected that multiple changes would be made to a BP record during creation in a connected consuming application. It is also expected that changes should not be lost upon validation from leading system. Thus, it was required that Master Data for Business Partner service should be able to handle these changes.

This limitation would no longer apply with 1.5 release of the service. BP service would support multiple changes to a new record and corresponding validation by leading system would also be supported for such changes.

For the complete list of limitations, please refer to note in link section.


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