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SAP Leonardo is one of the latest portfolio of offerings by SAP which includes all the smart and intelligent pieces to transform any business.

I would call SAP Leonardo  as an umbrella of platforms and solutions offered by SAP which is an one stop solution for a digitized business.


The list of technologies/platforms covered under Leonardo portfolio are:

  • Internet of Things

  • Machine Learning

  • Big Data

  • Design Thinking

  • Block Chain

  • Data Intelligence

  • Analytics

As you may have noticed, it covers all the intelligent systems that would create wonders in business outcomes.

Leonardo leverages the power of cloud to bring in the "never before" experience to SAP's customers and partners to cope up with the business challenges and to grow their business by building smart applications.

With growing adoption of SMAC (Social,Mobile,Analytics and Cloud), the business world is digitized and each and every customer have the potential to explore on the hidden facts and information and swiftly take real time decisions anytime anywhere.

Internet of Things offering:

IoT is one of the pillars of Leonardo as it bridges the physical world and the business world together that results in enormous possibilities to extract insights out of the real world data generated by intelligent devices and sensors.

With the acquisition of PLAT.ONE, IoT has become much stronger and flexible. The new services runs on Cloud Foundry stack on SAP Cloud platform.


Here's a high level view of the IoT services offerings by SAP :


The new offering has quite a lot of benefits some of them include:

  • Support for wide range of protocols,

  • quick on board of things,

  • Gateway edge and Gateway cloud options,

  • intelligent gateway support (Gateway edge),

  • SDK offerings, custom protocols,

  • Big Data integration

  • Enhanced security

  • SAP IoT Application Enablement servcies are integrated with the  SAP Cloud Platform IoT service for the CF environment.

The technical architecture of IoT service:

Video : explaining the IoT service running on cloud foundry


Applicaiton enablement:

This layer is a boon to application developers to quickly design and develop the IoT based aplications using templates and wizards that allows easy integration of the IoT service capabilities to consume the IoT data, integrate location services (maps), visualize the IoT data in intuitive UI,etc.

Application Enablement offers three major services:

APIs :

To set up, configure, populate, maintain and store IoT and Big Data as well as authorization access and event management

User interface applications:

Acts as a front end to much of the functionality delivered via the APIs, including thing modeling, authorization, and business partner relationships

IoT application template for SAP Web IDE:

To rapidly prototype IoT applications that can be easily extended from the generated source code.

IoT service – Key capabilities:

  • IoT Cockpit as the central UI Fine-tuned access control for IoT service users on the application level

  • Data processing on Edge side making the decisions and response much faster.

  • Receive device data and send commands to remote devices using the Message Management Service

  • REST APIs for device modelling and data consumption

  • Notification management (alerts / rules / events)

  • Certificate-based on-boarding and authentication of devices to IoT Gateway Edge and Cloud

  • Device to IoT Gateway Cloud Protocol support –HTTP (REST), MQTT

  • Device to IoT Gateway Edge Protocol support –HTTP (REST), MQTT, CoAP, SNMP, ModBus, Zigbee, XMPP

  • Provisioning of a software development kit (SDK) for development of custom protocol adapters or agents and custom filters (interceptors) on IoT Gateway Edge

  • Support of various SAP Cloud Platform services –PostgreSQL, KAFKA

  • Integration into the SAP IoT Application Enablement toolkit in support of rapid development of IoT applications through the IoT app builder

  • Get started quickly using guidelines, tutorials, and code examples available with the Starter Kit for the SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things publicly available on GitHub