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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Lately I got into discussions with colleagues and customers about SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) licensing.

As you know, there are several aspects to it. CPI Environment and License Model being two of them.


From an runtime perspective, you can chose to run the CPI in the NEO or CloudFoundry (CF) SAP Cloud Platform.

For now we still have a few limitations on CF, but they are being removed as I write these lines. On the other hand, you have the possibility to perform a free trial, which you cannot do on NEO.


From a licensing perspective, you can chose between a subscription-based and a pay-per-use license model.

The subscription model allows to rent the integration service for a specific amount of time, with a specific amount of features, within predefined boundaries. For instance, the PI Edition features 3 connections, and 10Gb bandwidth per month (way enough for any customer I talked to).

The CPEA model is like a prepaid card that you buy upfront and consume as you need: integration service, workflow service and business rules service one month, integration service, api management and WebIDE the following month (just an example).

In both environments, the PI Edition of CPI is limited to 3 connections.

A connection is described in the SAP Cloud Platform Service Description document, page 24 ("Additional connections"):

"A connection is an association between two unique end points via the SAP Cloud Platform Integration. A unique end point is a combination of the IP address and the port. Non-production connections shall not be counted for purposes of determining the number of connections."

As you can see, non-production connections, ie. connections in non-productive CPI tenants, are not counted regarding licensing.

You may wonder how you can check the amount of connections you are consuming: this is pretty simple. Just go to your CPI tenant cockpit, ie. subaccount cockpit, and see for yourself:

On the top of the page, you can use the breadcrumb navigation to cycle through your CPI subaccounts, productive or non-productive.

In case you want to declare a tenant to be non-productive (in this case, no SLA is applied to it), you can now do it for both CPEA and subscription license models by following the note 2784487.


Note that everything written here can be changed without further notice by SAP and cannot be part of any contract...

Hope this helped!