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We are proud to announce that the Gamification Service is now generally available. It comes with an improved Workbench for the administration and management of game mechanics. For example, user experience has been improved and new features such as import and export of game mechanics have been added. Furthermore, the API has been improved for a better integration with your targeted application. Please find a summary of the latest changes with the release notes: Release Notes for SAP HANA Cloud Platform



Thanks a lot to all partners and customers for their feedback during Beta-Phase (as announced here: Gamification Service - Publicly Available on HCP Trial). The acceptance of the Trial usage was just amazing and we´ve seen a lot of nice use cases that have been build with the HCP Gamification Service. This includes the integration into 3rd party applications (e.g., Integrating SAP Cloud Platform Gamification Service into an Issue Tracking Tool (JIRA)) or HCP applications and services (e.g., SAP Cloud Portal). Even use case specific administration UIs based on the management API have been implemented in order to meet very specific business needs. Of course, the service is also used for internal scenarios and a nice use case is G-Learning which is an online networking platform for SAP employees (G-Learning - A Gamified Online Networking Platform for SAP Employees).


The latest version of HCP Gamification Service is also available on HCP Trial ( Try out the SAP Cloud Platform Gamification Service). In case you already enabled the service and used the sample app you have to delete and create the demo content (step 3) again. This is necessary due to the API changes. During Beta-phase we incorporated the feedback to, e.g., remove redundant methods and extend some features (notification messages for all events or improved methods for retrieving the player´s score). Unfortunately, this leads to some incompatibility to the beta version. Therefore, we also introduced a versioning for the API in future. Additional feedback was, e.g., how to create the according rules. Therefore, we also extended the online documentation (SAP HANA Cloud Platform) with new chapters on rule management and additional features.


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