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Green is the New Black

A wise person once said: new year, new SAP Help Portal! Today, a new SAP help portal goes live and goes green (at least in color). Fully dressed in brand new widgets, equipped with faster and better search, it empowers you to find the right solutions, without getting lost in translation (literally).

In the past (like yesterday, for example), all SAP Cloud Platform documentation was warmly accommodated and set in its ways, living at But as we all know, nothing is permanent. Well, to some extent. From now on, its main residence moves to For a short period, the two portals will co-exist, and you will be able to access the user assistance materials from both places. In the long run, only the latter shall last.

But what exactly is smiling at us from the bundle (of joy)?

  • You can look and you can touch or a new look and feel.

The new SAP Help Portal introduces an easy-to-use, lightweight design. Searching for the exact right information you need has never been a smooth ride, which, ironically, is the exact opposite of what user assistance is all about. With the new portal, the focus is on ease of use and consumption, and reduced sense of product complexity.

  • New widgets are coming to town.

A major improvement in your daily interactions with the documentation. With the new portal you have the option to download, share, print, and/or change the font size of topics.

  • The long and winding road revised or clear navigation.

The best way to ease the ever-lasting quest for the right piece of information is to have the right navigation. All information in the new portal is divided into product categories and the main interaction you have with the page is the search bar. It is recommended that you search for the product first from the home page, and then search for topics within the product.

  • Tell us what you think or feedback made easy.

Just like with the old user assistance portal, you can indicate whether a topic was helpful or not so much, and leave a comment. You can still do that, but in case you weren’t particularly happy with a given topic, and you are not in the mood to write feedback, you can also select from several options, enlisting possible reasons for you dissatisfaction.

  • Don't get lost in translation.

The user assistance for SAP Cloud Platform is now available not only in English, but in Japanese and Chinese. You can either access all user assistance materials in the language of you preference from the SAP Cloud Platform product page or change the language once you open the topic from the language bar in the top right corner.

  • It runs on SAP Cloud Platform.

No surprises here, as all good things, the new SAP Help Portal is powered by SAP Cloud Platform. This translates into frequent and faster updates of information, FIORI look and feel, and integration of new visual elements.

  • The fate of the bookmark is in your hands!

Spare it or not, it’s up to you. The two portals will co-exist for a month or so. You can keep using your bookmark for and once the portal retires, it will redirect you to the new one. Still, I would strongly encourage you to give the new portal a well-deserved bookmark and start making use of everything it has to offer.

It's easy being green

Reading is good, but seeing is believing, so why postpone hopping aboard the new portal train and giving it a try. Search your product, click through the new options and let us know what you think. The new SAP Help Portal contains all user assistance assets and is waiting to be explored. It aims to make your user experience smoother, empowers you to find the right piece of information and take the appropriate actions. Plus, you know, it’s green.

Interested in some further reading on the new help portal? Visit for more information on its overall structure and capabilities.