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The SAP Cloud Platform global account is the realization of the commercial contract with SAP, the SAP CP global account is the entry point for managing the resources, landscape, and entitlements for your departments and projects. SAP knows that you expect a unified experience with the same functionality across Neo and Cloud Foundry environments for a global account and subaccount administrative views and capabilities.

I would like to share with you an important change that will be released in SAPPHIRE 2018 and could have implication on account configuration, services entitlement and member management in SAP Cloud Platform.

SAP Cloud Platform team added some important enhancements to the SAP Cloud Platform domain model and to the management experience in the SAP cloud platform cockpit. These changes are a significant step in refreshing the "information-model architecture" and providing cross-environment alignment towards a consistent and uniform administrative perspective across all SAP Cloud Platform environments and commercial models.

So, what will be changed? 

1. One view for all your global accounts

Today, the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit Home page shows the different regions in which SAP CP is available. Your administrators must remember the regions in which content was created by their teams, and select one of them to see their global accounts.

The orientation of the Home page will be changed to display all the global accounts in your organization. In other words, you'll be able to access any of your global accounts directly from the Home page.

But don't worry - if you prefer working in the context of regions, the Regions page will still be available.

2. Unified self-service subaccount creation

Your global account will no longer belong to a single region or environment. Within your global account, you'll be able create any number of subaccounts in any environment (Neo and Cloud Foundry) and region.

This self-service functionality is a major improvement over the current ticket-based process.

3. Unified member management

The administrator’s perspective for managing global account members will be unified across the Neo and Cloud Foundry environments. This means that you'll no longer need to switch between different UIs, validations, and input fields.

The authorizations management framework was also enhanced/ updated to reflect the One SAP Cloud Platform domain model. Global account administrators will be able to view cross environments list of subaccount and create additional ones. Subaccount admins will be able to edit, configure and delete these, cross Neo and CF environments.

4. Unified entitlement management

The administrator’s perspective for managing global account entitlements will also be unified. You'll be able to manage cross-environment quota sharing in a single UI for assigning entitlements to all the subaccounts in a global account, in both Neo and Cloud Foundry environments:

5. What about HANATRIAL (trial landscape)

Trial landscape ( is used to try SAP Cloud Platform with a set of predefined services. There are *no* UI changes in this landscape.

To be able to work with the improved domain model you need to be SAP Cloud Platform Customer, and work on the productive environment (aka Factory). If you are SAP internal user that the changes are also available on Dev, Canary and Staging.

With this change, trial is used to access only to the trial experience, while you productive accounts are accessible from

So, lots of improvements are on their way in SAP Cloud Platform and I am very excited to share this news with you and to show you a sneak preview of the new cockpit screens.


If you have any questions, please add a comment and we'll get back to you.

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