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In this blog, I will explain SAP Cloud Platform, API Management Analytics and Drill down functionalities.

SAP Cloud Platform, API Management Analytics Dashboard can be used to analyze APIs. It provides three views

  • Performance View

  • Error View

  • Custom View

Challenges Were:

  1. Which is the error prone API and what is the error.

  2. What time did error happen, which app, which developer

  3. Different Dimensions and custom View to analyze the problem

Solution is Drill Down feature for SAP Cloud Platform, API Management

To explain, drill down and custom view I will take a scenario where one of the API is in error and I want to know which API, what time, which application which developer and the type of the error.

Let’s Start!


API proxy with error should exit and an application should be created for the same.

Let’s Start!

1.Open API Portal and navigate to Analyze

2.Click on Custom view on Analyze Data

4.Now we can Save the Custom View, we can also have different “Measures” and Dimensions to it.

5.Let’s give our custom view a name “Demo”

6.Will now add Measures and dimensions so that we can drill down to exact error and Save it.

7.Navigate back, open Saved custom view and see its details

8.Let’s see the first “PISoap” API which has error and will drill down

9.Double click on it and it will point to the product which it belongs to.

10.Double click on the product and it give us which Developer it belongs to

11.Double click on the application and it will drill down to Application.

12.Click on Breadcrumbs to navigate back.

13.Similarly the measures selected will be shown in the table format.