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SAP Cloud Integration version 2.39 comes with a new enhancement for OData V2 adapter with new query wizard. This query wizard is also available for SuccessFactors OData V2.

Let's see some of the enhancements it brings in.


Consider a sample Integration Flow project as below


Upon clicking on Select button of Resource Path, the new query wizard will pop-up.


You could observe that the Address field has been pre-populated by reading the Address value of adapter specific details. If you have selected the Authentication type in adapter specific tab of OData V2 adapter properties, the same value shall be rendered in the query wizard as well.

Clicking on Step 2 shall make a call to the OData V2 service endpoint. In this example, I have taken the Northwind service as an example for demonstration purpose.

Once the connection is successful, entity selection step will be displayed.


Query(GET) operation

You can select or type the entity name, e.g. Employees. Let the operation be Query(GET).


Option for Select All Fields has been now provided in the new query wizard.

Also, using the Copy button, you can copy the generated OData V2 query to system clip board.



Clicking on Step 3 will take you to the Filter and Sorting criteria step, where you can select a filter and/or sorting criteria. Sample screen shots as below






Once you click on Finish button of the wizard, the generated query will be added to the adapter specific details in Resource Path and Query Options field



Read(GET) operation

Let's look at another enhancement, for Read(GET) operation in the query wizard. This operation is used when you want to fetch single entity.

When you select Read(GET) operation, a table will be displayed where in you can add the primary key value. The query wizard renders all the primary keys of the entity.

You can provide constant value or pass dynamic value via headers or properties as highlighted in the tool tip of below screen shot.


Sub Levels till 5

Another enhancement done as part of the new query wizard is the support for Sub Levels till 5.


If you wish to construct a query with navigation entities of a given entity, then you can choose the Sub Levels 1 to 5 depending upon the required navigation depth. Accordingly, the navigation entities and corresponding fields will be displayed.




The new OData V2 query wizard has been designed to support the query construction in easy way along with the support of Sub Levels till 5.

That's not all, there are other operations available like Create(POST), Update(PUT), Delete(DELETE) and Merge(MERGE).

Note: The Operation name has been provided along with the HTTP operation in bracket.

The new query wizard will support you in the OData V2 query construction of your integration scenario in SAP Cloud Integration.