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SAP Cloud Integration version 2.42 comes with Display Queue feature for Message Mapping editor. This blog explains how the feature works.
Note: The display queue feature is already available in SAP Process Integration (PI) Message Mapping. Before using the display queue feature, you need to have some understanding of Context and Queue.  But, this blog doesn’t explain about context and queue because this has been covered by many other blogs as part of SAP PI Message Mapping. For example, blogs and


Message Queue

Consider a sample integration flow project as shown below.


Open the message mapping editor by clicking on the MsgMap1.mmap mapping file.



The expression elements in the mapping expression editor now comes with an explicit action named Display Queue. Below are the screenshots of the same which depicts where this new action is available.


Source Elements

Function Elements



Target Elements


Test XML File

To construct a message mapping queue, you need to provide a test XML file, matching your source schema structure. A separate UI control has been provided where you can browse and select the input test XML file as shown in below screenshot



Once you provide a test XML file, you can execute the Display Queue action. The mapping queue will be constructed and rendered in a non-modal dialog. Sample screenshots of the message queue dialog are as given below



The opened dialog windows can be moved to other locations within the message mapping editor, such that you can keep the required queues information of different expressions adjacent to each other and examine the values. If you change the input test payload or mapping context of the expression, to update the mapping queue, you need to refresh the queue dialog.  If you navigate out of mapping editor, all the mapping queue dialog windows will be closed.