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SAP Cloud Integration version 3.22.x comes with enhancement feature that lets the user to download and upload message mapping file along with dependent resources - which simplifies reuse of mapping. This blog post explains about this feature.


Message Mapping Download

As of the download support of other resources of SAP Cloud Integration, the message mapping can now be downloaded. The download icon has been introduced under the Actions column of Resources tab in Integration Flow project editor.

Below are the sample screenshots and explanation.

Consider a sample message mapping as shown below. It consists of CategorySet, from an OData metadata EDMX file at source and Aircraft XSD file at target side.



Go to the integration flow project editor and under the Resources tab, click on the download icon.


A zip file - named with message mapping - will be downloaded to the local file system. This zip consists of message mapping file (with extension .mmap), and dependent resources (in this example, the XSD and EDMX files).


Message Mapping Upload

Now, open the integration flow project in edit mode, where you want to upload the downloaded message mapping zip. Under the Resource tab, click on Mapping -> Message Mapping



Select File System drop down entry against the Source field of the dialog window. Browse and select the downloaded message mapping zip file




Clicking on Add button will upload the message mapping file along with dependent resources


You can now drag and drop the message mapping flow step, select the message mapping file and assign it.



  • If a groovy script is used in message mapping for user defined function, that groovy script will also be downloaded along with source and target resources.

  • It has been noticed that unzipping and re-zipping the downloaded mapping file zip, especially in Mac OS, ends up some extra/hidden files getting included in the file zip. While uploading such zip, if validation of such extra/hidden may fail, but the actual, valid message mapping will be uploaded along with dependent resources.


With the download and upload support of message mapping, it is now more flexible to reuse the message mapping across different integration flow projects of SAP Cloud Integration.