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SAP Cloud Integration version 3.21.x comes with enhancements on message mapping with support of copying message mappings from other integration flows and copying message mapping expressions. This blog describes these features.

Copying Message Mapping from Other Integration Flows

As any other resource in integration flow project, the copying capability of message mapping was missing. It was only possible to import message mapping from ES Repository (more info at ).

It is now possible to copy a message mapping from other integration flow projects belonging different packages of the tenant. Below screenshots explains on how to use this feature.

In the Resources tab, click on Add -> Message Mapping


Select the Source as Integration Flow


Select Package and Integration flow project


Select required Message Mappings


After clicking on Add, an information dialog will be shown as a summary of dependent resources, used in the mapping, which will be copied along with message mapping file


Once you click on Add, all the resources will be copied


Once you get hold of message mapping file, you can assign it to any message mapping flow step of your integration flow project.



  1. The message mapping file, along with the dependent resources, will be copied, even if there are validation errors in the message mapping at source integration flow.\

  2. While we work on the performance improvements in mass copy, it is recommended that you copy 5 message mappings at a time to avoid unintended UI issues.

  3. Limitation:

    1. If the resource used in mapping (e.g. WSDL or XSD file), have referenced resource (e.g. via import statement in schema), those referenced resources will not be copied, you need to copy them manually.


Copy Expression

Another enhancement provided is to support the copying of expression of a source and target elements of message mapping. If there is a reusable expression, the copy/paste of expression will help.

Screenshot below explains how mapping expression copy works.


Toolbar buttons have been introduced in the expression editor. The copy action from toolbar copies the complete expression including the source elements, but excluding the target elements


Copying via content menu at a function tile/brick is also enabled. This will copy the function along with left-hand-side chain of expression including source element, excluding target elements.


Paste the expression wherever needed using the paste icon of toolbar.


Note: As of now, the multiple paste operation is not possible, it will be fixed going forward.



The enhancement in message mapping with copy support would make re-use of mapping even faster in integration flow development activity. In upcoming release, the said limitations will be worked upon.