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SAP Cloud Integration version 2.46.x provides support of bookmarking the artifacts. You can bookmark your favourite integration flow or value mapping projects/artifacts.

If you have worked with SAP Cloud Integration Web tooling, you might have observed the different sections/tabs, one to discover the contents and another is design section which is your workspace to create/update the artifacts. As of now, you can only bookmark your artifacts of design/workspace section.

Let us consider the below example of an integration flow artifact


You can observe the URL of the address field now appending the integration flow artifact with its ID like …/integrationflows/HTTP_Receiver_Exception_SubProcess.

Now you can bookmark this URL to re-open it directly. When you re-open the bookmarked artifacts, it will be in the non-edit mode. If you wish to edit it, you need to explicitly click on the edit button to update it.

The bookmarking facility is also available for Value Mapping and OData Service artifacts.


Current Limitations

  1. When you re-open the bookmarked artifact, you could observe that the breadcrumb navigation Design/<PackageName> is missing. We will be working on to fix it. Nevertheless, it will not have any impact on the artifacts content and explicitly clicking on the design/workspace tab and then the package shall bring back the breadcrumbs navigation.

  2. Bookmarking facility is not currently available for Discover section, it shall be enabled in upcoming releases.

  3. When you create a new package and save it, then add the artifacts (e.g. integration flow) you observe that no change in the URL is happening (i.e., the URL is not getting appended with the integration flow ID), we shall also fix this gap in upcoming releases.

  4. Bookmarking facility of resources under Integration Flow Artifacts (e.g. scrip, message mapping, xsd files etc.) is not yet available, we are working on to make it available in upcoming releases.



With support of bookmarking facility, you can now directly open your favourite and/or work in progress artifact directly and further edit/update it.