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In this Blog I will introduce the creation of thing based UI's. I will use a simple Business Object called Bonus Plan. I assume that you already know the basics regarding the SAP Cloud Applications Studio. If not, also no Problem, just watch my first series of videos and get some hands-on experience on how to start the development for SAP's Cloud Solutions: YouTube: Getting started with SAP Cloud development!

Getting started with Thing-Based UI's:

Thing-Based UI's were introduced with Cloud for Customer and are very much different to the Object-Based UI's. Watch this Video to see how to create your first Thing-Based UI scenario with SAP Applications Studio and the UI Designer:

Update 29.12.2013: Part 4 and 5 are released

Posted a new basic video tutorial on how to modify the generated Quick Create UI (QC):

Video How-To: Fine tune the QC UI (Quick Create)

And another one how to do basic modificaitons to the generate Thing Inspector UI (TI):

Video How-To: Fine tune the TI UI (Thing Inspector)

PS: Make sure you select HD quality 720p.

Part 1: Explaining the use case and the basic steps for a thing based UI.

Part 2: Explaining how to add a refresh to the OWL (ObjectWorkList) after you updated your BO via the QC (QuickCreate) or TI (Thing Inspector).

Part 3: Explaining how to add a remove icon and action to the OWL (ObjectWorkList)

If you want to read more about creating thing-based UI's I can highly recommend the blog entry of thomas.schneider: Thing-Based UIs and Custom Solutions in Sales OnDemand