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We plan to start 2023 with the fourth SAP Cloud Application Programming Model Customer Roundtable. As Head of Delivery of the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model I am proud to announce again highly interesting topics around the topic of implementing applications for the cloud.

We had an amazing end 2022. SAP Cloud Application Programming Model played a prominent role at SAP TechEd and was one of many highlights of the keynote by SAP’s CTO Jürgen Müller. Read more about this in this blogpost by sebastian.schmidt5

In 2022 it turned out that the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model has developed into the de-facto (backend) programming model for Cloud development on the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) for non-ABAP based development projects. There are many indicators that make this assumption true: More than 100 projects use CAP within SAP, at least the same number of customers and partners use CAP to develop Cloud apps and services, the downloads from NPM and Maven Central increased to around 150k per week, more than 600 blog posts cover CAP or closely related topics.


The success of the past customer roundtables is also motivation for us. We got lot of encouraging feedback, so that we are planning to stick to our meetings series to present every three months the latest news on features and development with regards to the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model.

In the core of this meeting we will focus on latest developments on Streamlined MTX and information on the General Availability of Upsert functionalities, continuing whats presented last time. We will give a summary on our role on TechEd and outlook our latest Open Source activities.

We will give a preview on next major release of our Java stack and introduce highlights of the roadmap of our node.js stack. And first we announce our next reCAP 2023 conference as successor of reCAP 2022.

Consequently the agenda looks like the following:

  1. Retrospection on last Customer Roundtable

  2. Infos & Announcements 

    1. CAP@TechEd summary (incl. Open Source)

    2. MTX Services- News & Outlook

    3. Upsert - GA Update

    4. Java Hot Topics

    5. Node.js Hot Topics

    6. reCAP 2023 (&UI5con) is coming!

  3. Q&A

Meeting Information

When: Wednesday, January 18th, 2023, 11 AM EST | 5 PM CET

Where: Teams Meeting

Meeting Request Downloadlink


  • All interested partners and stakeholders are invited to join: developers, enterprise architects, technical consultants…

  • The SAP Cloud Application Programming Model team: among others sebastian.schmidt5 & me (as hosts), michael.spahn (Development Manager) daniel.hutzel (Chief Product Owner), lilienthal (Head), and further team members, e.g. Product Owners and Architects

  • Anyone interested in learning about the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model and exchange your ideas and feedback with other users and the product team

Looking forward to seeing you there!
Check also out the new Events page in our documentation and our Community page for updates on upcoming events.