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You may not have noticed, but in SAP Cloud ALM we recently made two significant updates:

  • We updated the Fiori Launchpad, adding new functions.

  • Within the Fiori Launchpad, we enabled Built-in Support.

Built-in Support in SAP Cloud ALM

We're excited about the new Built-in Support function (after all, it's our job to be excited about such things). This will really make it easy for you to access SAP's support resources for SAP Cloud ALM.

Among the features are

  • Recommended links based on your current context,

  • An intelligent free-text search of documents and related material pertaining to your current context and search terms,

  • Interaction with SAP support, in particular incident creation and follow-up.

For detailed information see Built-in Support in the SAP Help Portal:

Access Built-in Support from the New Icon

You'll see a new headset icon in the top bar of the Fiori Launchpad:

The updated launchpad with Built-in Support icon


When you select the icon, the system displays an overlay with initial information. You'll be prompted to get started, then you can either immediately use the search, or sign in to use advanced features.

We have selected some recommended links to make it easy for you to get to the most popular information. We even provide contact information if you want to e-mail us feedback or ask general questions.

Built-in Support initial page

Using Built-In Support's Search Function

You can enter a free-text search and Built-in Support will intelligently provide you with matches based on your current context.

In the search example below, I just entered the quite generic term "project and task APIs" and Built-in Support immediately returned my blog articles on the SAP Cloud ALM APIs. (No, I did not pay my Built-in Support colleagues to do this. This is artificial intelligence at work.)

Built-in Support context based search


By the way, if you're interested, here are the blog articles Built-in Support found:


Creating Incidents

When you fully register, sign in with your SAP ID, and authorize your SAP user, you can report and review your incidents through Built-in Support. You can also use the chatbot to help you.

When you sign in, you can manage incidents and use the chatbot


When you create an incident, Built-in Support will use your context - the application you are in and your tenant - to automatically fill out some of the incident attributes, such as the component. This makes creating incidents fast and easy.

Other Built-in Support Functions

Built-in Support has many other functions, and is not only available for SAP Cloud ALM. However I'm going to let the Built-in Support experts tell you about all this. Take a look at the SAP Help Portal link above and see other Built-in Support material.

New Functions in the SAP Cloud ALM Launchpad

I was going to write about the new functions in the launchpad here, but this article is already long enough. I'll create a second article just about this topic, and update this space. Keep tuned.
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