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Today, January 26, 2022, is SAP Cloud ALM feature delivery day. I posted previously summarizing these new features. Here, I want to post in some detail about a nice new personalization feature: marking items in the Tasks and Requirements lists as favorites.

Mark Items As Favorites: They're Yours, and Yours Alone

You may have already noticed if you've logged into SAP Cloud ALM recently, that in Tasks and in Requirements there is a new column with stars in it.

It is full of stars

You can click on the stars in the list. When you do so, the system will change the icon to a filled-in blue star. This means you've marked the respective item (be it a Task, Sub-Task, User Story, or Requirement) as a personal favorite.

These favorites are just visible to you: it's personalization. Other users will see their own favorites, not yours.

You can also view and set the favorite star in the detail view of an item. The star is in the top-right of the screen.

The item detail screen has a star too


Find Your Favorites Again: Use the Filters

This is all well and good, but now that you've happily marked your favorite tasks, you probably want to find them again quickly. For that, you need to enable and set the Favorite filter.

To do this, select "Adapt Filters" and check "Favorite" in the resulting dialog box.

Select Favorite in the Adapt Filters dialog

You'll now see a Favorite filter alongside the other filters at the top of the screen. Select "Favorite" to see just the items you've marked as favorites.

You probably just want to select Favorite in the filter

Quickly Access Your Favorites: Create a View and Save as a Launchpad Tile

Great, but now you probably want to have even quicker access to your favorite Tasks, Requirements, etc. Do the following:

  1. Create a new view for your filter combination.

  2. Save the new view as a tile on the Launchpad.

To create a new view, select the down arrow next to the name of the current view in the top-left of the screen (probably this is either "Open Tasks" or "Open Requirements"), then select "Save As":

Select the down arrow in the top-left, then Save As

Give the new view a name, such as "My Favorites" and save:

Enter a name for the view and save it

Now select "Save as Tile" from the Share menu in the top-right of the screen:

Select Save as Tile from the Share menu in the top-right

After you enter a name for the tile and save, you'll see it on the home screen of the Launchpad:

Now you have a nice new tile in the launchpad which directly shows your favorites