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Product and Topic Expert

Goal of this blog post

This blog explains how to enable and use the “Screenshots” features of SAP Cloud ALM Synthetic User Monitoring.




Synthetic User Monitoring (SUM) is a monitoring application/technology of SAP Cloud ALM for Operations that allows you to monitor the performance and availability of a production web application from a client-side perspective.

SUM provides the ability to capture execution screenshots: For each execution of a SUM scenario, you can save screenshots to capture the results of your scenarios executions.

Multiple options can be selected to control the production of the screenshots.

  • Automatic: You can generate a screenshot for each execution of the steps of your scenario or generate a screenshot only when errors occur during script execution.


  • Explicit: You can also instrument your side script to generate a screenshot for a particular step of your scenario with the @Sap.sum.screenshot annotation.



How to use screenshots with Synthetic User Monitoring

Step 1: Configuration


From the SUM application of your SAP Cloud ALM tenant, navigate to the “Scenario” section of the “Configuration” tab.

  • Select your scenario.


  • Open the “Scenario Details” to navigate to the “Selenium” tab.



Step 2: Set the Screenshots option.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose the automatic or the explicit setup, according to the following rules:

  1. Automatic screenshots are captured at the end of each step.

  2. Automatic on error only screenshots are captured at the end of each step on error or at the end of each command in error.



Step 3: Validate the housekeeping options

From the Configuration section, go to the Application Configuration

  • Set the data retention times to control the size of the disk space used to store the screenshots in your SAP Cloud ALM tenant.



Step 4: Check the results.

From the Synthetic User Monitoring Executions screen,

  • Select an execution instance to inspect the results of a specific execution



You will get access to the screenshots generated from your script execution.



Thanks for reading.