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This week, on February 15, 2022, we added a feature to SAP Cloud ALM which we have been waiting for a long time: integration of Requirements and Test Cases.

  • You can now assign test cases to requirements - bi-directionally

Assigning a Test Case to a Requirement

I'm sure my Test Management colleagues will post about doing this from the Test Management side, so I'm just going to show you how to do this from the Requirements side

You'll now notice in the requirement details screen that we have a new section called "Test Cases". Since you're reading this blog, you'll probably see "No test cases assigned".

Enter Edit Mode to Assign Test Cases

To add some life to the new Test Cases section, enter edit mode. You'll then see an "Assign" option.

Such emptiness, no test cases assigned.

Select Assign to Choose Existing Test Cases

When you select Assign, the system will display a dialog box in which you can select one or more test cases.

A test case!

Aside from the test case title, to help you identify the correct test case, we show you

  • the type, manual or automatic,

  • the variant,

  • preparation status,

  • execution status.

Could you ask for more? I shouldn't ask.

Use the checkbox to select the test cases you want and then select Assign.

Don't Forget to Save

To ensure transactional consistency, we don't do the actual assignment until you select save. This ensures that all changes you make are consistently saved at once, or allows you to back out of any pending changes before you commit to them.

Once you save, we display the assigned test case and keep it updated. You can always observe the test case's current status from the requirement.

A saved test case assignment.

To see the details of the test case, select the title. The system will navigate you to the test case. Along with the other information, you'll see your requirement - with a link back - as well as any other requirements you and your colleagues have assigned to the test case.

Assigning requirements to test cases works the same way, just in reverse.

We Hope You Enjoy this New Feature

We're working as hard and as fast as we can to quickly bring you new features in SAP Cloud ALM. Please give us feedback on the features you'd like to see next.