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As we do every  second week, the SAP Cloud ALM team has released a number of new features today (Wednesday, January 26 2022). I'll give a brief outline of the new features for the Projects, Tasks, and Requirements apps here.

Important! You May Now only Delete Tasks, User Stories, and Requirements if You First Set Them to Obsolete

This is a significant change of behavior. We did this because some users accidentally and irretrievably deleted tasks which they still needed.

I wrote a full blog article on this new feature:

You Can Mark Items as Personal Favorites

In the default views of the Tasks and Requirements lists, you'll see a new column with star icons. You can select the star to mark the corresponding item as a personal favorite for you.

There's a new filter for favorites too, but we chose not to display this by default. Use the "Adapt Filters" function to select the "Favorite" filter.

See the details here;

Upload Tags from Spreadsheet Import

Template download and upload now supports tags. To try this out, select several items and use Download As: Template. You'll see the exported spreadsheet has a column called "Tags" with the corresponding tags listed. Each tag is separated from the others by a comma.

You can use the same format to upload items. The system assigns tags which already exist to the items from the spreadsheet and will also create any tags which are not yet in the system.

Link Multiple Central Business Configuration Projects to a Single SAP Cloud ALM Project

Just like the title says, we've removed the restriction that a Central Business Configuration (CBC) project can only be linked to one SAP Cloud ALM Project.

This is in the Integration Scenario section of the Project General Information. You'll be able to see if a CBC project is already linked with another project, but you'll now be able to select that CBC project and assign it to the current project.

API Updates

We've also make some updates to our APIs. We'll publish the details to the SAP API Business Hub - SAP Cloud ALM shortly.

Check the "What's New" Section of the Web Assistant for All Recent Updates

Open the help topics (question mark icon in the top right of the window)

The Whats New Help section informs you of recent features and changes