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The SAP Cloud ALM Configuration Webinar virtual Series is designed to offer in-depth insights into streamlining SAP Cloud ALM capabilities for practical implementation. Its primary aim is to provide valuable guidance on configuring managed systems, services, and activating operational use cases effectively.

The series covers various topics under the umbrella of operation and implementation capabilities of SAP Cloud ALM:


Episode 1 – Keep track of your integration well-being using SAP Integration & Exception Monitoring: This session delves into Integration & Exception Monitoring, bridging the gap between IT and Business. It explores the correlation of integration artifacts, granting comprehensive visibility into interface calls and message flows across diverse cloud services and systems. This deep dive into SAP Cloud ALM's capabilities expedites project implementation and ensures operational continuity in SAP's hybrid landscape. Santhana Krishnan


Episode 2 – Utilize Intelligent Event Processing within SAP Cloud ALM for downstream activities:

Here, we explore the onboarding (managed system configuration) of SAP SuccessFactors to SAP Cloud ALM. Also, focusing on Alert and Event management within the platform. Intelligent Event Processing efficiently handles events from varied sources, offering unified event processing based on rules, centralised event handling, and intelligent event correlation for the downstream activities like Email, Chat notifications, integration to incident management applications(service now and third party). Resmi K S


Episode 3 – Detect anomalies in your business and technical jobs with SAP Cloud ALM Job & Automation monitoring:

This session aims to guide users in configuring managed systems and services, with a specific emphasis on Job & Automation Monitoring. It facilitates a unified user experience and monitoring pattern across different products, proving especially beneficial in integration scenarios involving multiple products of the SAP Intelligent Suite. Venkatesh Ramachandran


Episode 4 – Ensure the smooth operation of your business KPIs with SAP Cloud ALM's Business Process Monitoring:

The Business Process Monitoring application in SAP Cloud ALM supports the detect-to-correct lifecycle of SAP Cloud solutions, ensuring smooth operations and improving the quality and performance of business process execution. Participants gain insights into addressing anomalies detected during monitoring. Stephanie Jerch


Episode 5 - Enhance visibility into your SAP BTP Applications using SAP Cloud ALM in lines of Observability:

Expanding its capabilities, SAP Cloud ALM now centrally operates SaaS applications and custom extensions on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). This includes tools that minimize the time to detect and resolve issues, offering observability for both custom-built and SAP BTP-based SaaS applications. Muthu Hariharan M


Episode 6 – Monitor your critical business application's availability and performance proactively with SUM in SAP Cloud ALM:

This episode elaborates on Synthetic User Monitoring, concentrating on web application performance and availability from a client-side perspective. It helps in proactively identifying performance and availability issues, guiding users through a seamless configuration process. In this episode, you will learn about configuring synthetic user monitoring scenarios along with the runner setup. @Christophe garcia



Episode 7 – Simplify change management by integrating various deployment tools and orchestrating them with SAP Change and Deployment Management:

This episode sheds light on overview setup and configuration of SAP Cloud ALM change and deployment capabilities, integrating various deployment tools to orchestrate smooth transport requests across the entire implementation landscape. Moritz Gysler


Episode 8- Monitor the availability of your hybrid landscape and its related events using SAP Cloud ALM's Business Service Management:

Discover how this solution, efficiently handles business services, cloud services, and technical systems. This offers overview of current service statuses, forwards events to monitoring apps, sends email notifications, and integrates with IT Service Management. Patrick Richarts Anne Joseph


Ep 9: Ensure governance across your system landscapes by adhering organisational policies at the host, application, and database levels with SAP Cloud ALM's Configuration and Security Analysis:

In this episode, we detailed into SAP Cloud ALM Configuration & Security Analysis. Discover how this solution helps in evaluating and enhancing the configurations and security méasures of an organization's IT infrastructure. It involves identifying vulnerabilities, implementing best practices, and ensuring compliance with security standards to protect data and prevent breaches. Hendrik Mueller


Ep 10: Ensure end users have clear visibility into the availability and performance of your SAP applications using SAP Cloud ALM Real User Monitoring: This episode explores the benefits of transparency and performance in user interactions. Learn how Real User Monitoring supports monitoring request executions from different platforms with a unified user experience. Understand the importance of historical values in rating request executions and how it can help both IT and Business users. @Thomas holz



SAP Cloud ALM helps you to implement and operate intelligent cloud and hybrid business solutions.

You benefit from an out-of-the-box, native cloud solution, designed as the central entry point to manage your SAP landscape with content-driven guided implementation and highly automated operations.

SAP Cloud ALM is included in your cloud subscription containing Enterprise Support, cloud edition and in SAP Enterprise Support. Request you to look into the recordings to get deeper understanding of Operations capability within SAP Cloud ALM.

We have upcoming SAP Cloud ALM implementation webinar series, do register and attend:



Registration Link

Feb 22nd

 Manage Projects Efficiently with SAP Cloud ALM


Feb 29th

 Unlock the value of the new solution documentation in SAP Cloud ALM


March 11th

 Manage your processes and Run Fit-to-Standard workshops with SAP Cloud ALM



March 14th

 Orchestrate your test activities with SAP Cloud ALM


March 21st

 Make use of Tricentis Test Automation with SAP Cloud ALM


March 28th

 Benefit from Analytics in SAP Cloud ALM - from overview to traceability


April 4th

 Get the latest of Change Request Management in SAP Cloud ALM


April 18th

 Make use of S/4HANA Test Automation with SAP Cloud ALM


April 25th

Orchestrating Seamless SAP Solution Deployments from Start to Finish using SAP Cloud ALM



May 09th

Key Steps for Effective Implementation using best practices within SAP Cloud ALM – session 1



May 16th

Key Steps for Effective Implementation using best practices within SAP Cloud ALM – session 2




Episode 11- Manage Projects Efficiently with SAP Cloud ALM: In this session on Project management with SAP Cloud ALM we deep dived into how you can successfully run projects in SAP Cloud ALM leveraging the SAP Activate roadmap and Business Practice Process content. It enables seamless collaboration, resource allocation, budget monitoring, and stakeholder management. We also looked into how you can manage Requirements & Tasks within the Project management of SAP Cloud ALM. With enhanced visibility and control, organisations can streamline projects, reduce risks, and ensure successful outcomes. @preethi manjunath shetty


Episode 12- Unlock the value of the new solution documentation in SAP Cloud ALM: SAP Cloud ALM for implementation offers Solution Documentation capability to simplify and improve the SAP solution implementation process. It provides a centralized repository for project-related documentation, allowing real-time access for all stakeholders. In this episode, unveil how this capability enables teams to create, manage, and organize documentation according to project phases and promotes collaboration among team members. It also integrates with other SAP tools for seamless transfer of documentation. This capability enhances transparency, efficiency, and collaboration in SAP implementation. Sinje Seidler


Episode 13- Manage Your Processes and Run Fit-2-Standard Workshops with SAP Cloud ALM: In this episode, learn how to manage processes and conduct Fit-2-Standard workshops with SAP Cloud ALM. It helps streamline workflows, identify areas for improvement, and align with industry best practices. Its collaborative features allow for seamless communication and collaboration among team members. Michael Buse


Episode 14- Orchestrate your test activities with SAP Cloud ALM - Test Management with SAP Cloud ALM involves managing and executing tests for SAP implementations in the cloud. Learn detailed information and guidance on various aspects of test management in SAP Cloud ALM, including best practices, tools, and resources to effectively plan, track, and report on testing activities throughout the application lifecycle. Reiner Markheiser


Episode 15: Make use of Tricentis Test Automation with SAP Cloud ALM- An exclusive webinar on how to effectively utilize Tricentis Test Automation with SAP Cloud ALM. This informative session guide us through the seamless integration and automation capabilities of both platforms, enabling us to deliver quality applications faster in our SAP landscape. Discover how to streamline testing processes, optimize test automation frameworks, and accelerate software release cycles with the power of Tricentis and SAP Cloud ALM. Reiner Markheiser


 Episode 16: Benefit from Analytics in SAP Cloud ALM, from overview to traceability- SAP Cloud ALM offers advanced analytics capabilities that empower businesses to gain valuable insights from their data. With its robust analytics tools, organizations can access real-time reports, dashboards, and visualizations to make informed decisions. The platform enables data consolidation from various sources, leveraging predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms for enhanced forecasting and trend analysis. SAP Cloud ALM's analytics capabilities help businesses optimize processes, identify opportunities, and drive growth in today's data-driven world.


Episode 17: Get the latest of Change Request Management in SAP Cloud ALM-SAP Cloud ALM Implementation offers a robust change and deployment management capability, designed to streamline and optimise the implementation of SAP solutions. With its intuitive interface, users can easily plan, track, and manage all change activities throughout the project lifecycle. The system allows for seamless collaboration among project teams, ensuring smooth coordination and efficient deployment of changes. Notable features include the ability to create and assign change requests, track their progress, and view detailed status reports. This comprehensive solution provides organizations with the necessary tools to successfully manage and execute changes in their SAP environment.


Episode 18: Make use of S/4HANA Test Automation with SAP Cloud ALM- S/4HANA Test Automation with SAP Cloud ALM allows for efficient and reliable testing of SAP S/4HANA applications. This cloud-based solution offers automated testing capabilities, enabling organisations to streamline their testing processes and improve overall software quality. By leveraging SAP Cloud ALM, businesses can quickly and easily create, execute, and report on test cases, ultimately saving time and resources while ensuring the reliability of their S/HANA environment.



How to Request SAP Cloud ALM on SAP for Me - YouTube

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