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In today complex environment mixing on premise and cloud landscapes, this has become critical, to helps your organization to proactively identity, analyse and resolve errors, exception, connection and performance issues. In this blog, we will explain how a SAP Success Factor solution administrators may gain advantages from SAP ALM Exception Monitoring, to enhance your SAP Application performance and stability


In short, What is SAP ALM Exception Monitoring?

SAP ALM Exception Monitoring refers to the process of monitoring, detecting, and analyzing exceptions or errors that occur within SAP applications. These exceptions can manifest as system crashes, performance bottlenecks, data inconsistencies, or any unexpected behavior that deviates from the intended application flow. Exception monitoring provides real-time visibility into the health and performance of SAP systems, allowing organizations to proactively address issues before they impact end-users or business processes.

What is SAP SuccessFactor?

The SAP SuccessFactors suite covers a wide range of HR functions, including talent acquisition, performance management, learning and development, compensation management, employee central (core HR), succession planning, workforce analytics, and more.


Exception Monitoring has a detection tool of in SAP Cloud ALM

What's make SAP Success Factor so powerful, it is it capability to interact. It is designed to communicate with other SAP System and third-party solutions. This integration reduces the needs of manual or comparison and ease the dataflow between the system. This is critical during payroll, time tracking, or training.

As an example, we will take the SOP Success Factor HXM Suite, on a cloud installation with basic services activated such as Employee Central Payroll or Recruiting Positioning.

From an SAP Cloud ALM operations UI, you should be able to say based on your role

Within The subset of applications for ALM Operation, you will find 2 tiles:

  • Integration & Exception Monitoring

  • Job & Automation Monitoring

These two tiles contain a dedicated area, where Exception monitoring is accessible. In the future, exception monitoring application, should be integrated in further Tiles.

For today, we will concentrate in the standard application Integration & Exception Monitoring 


With the correct filters applies, the application displays the Success Factors Applications (HXM Suite and Employee Payroll Central)

The goal of the exception monitoring is to find and display centrally error coming from message or exception of nay kinds, for SAP Success Factor it is able to monitor:

  • SAP SuccessFactors Messages

  • Exceptions:

    • Integration Center

    • Scheduled Jobs

    • Middleware Integrations

    • Data Replication Monitor

Let's see how it is display in the application:

Based on the scenarios configured the Tile would display, here the number of message in error and the number of exception.

SAP Success Factor is running lots of Batch jobs, such as "Time sheets, Pay Scale, Employee process calculation",

Form the UI, it is simple to identify issue there. going to the details, will give us more information.


The exceptions are there categorized in 2 sets:

  • Data Replication errors

  • Scheduled Jobs Errors

In the Data replication errors, this is the place where you may find issue on the master data of Employees, Onboarding compliance forms, employee organizational assignment, planned working time, absence or Pay components.

For the job, s already mentioned, you may find errors occurred during the process of the absences or time sheet processing.

If we look to the details, it will give us more information about the different type of issue and the root.

The information available there is equivalent to what we could find in the admin center of Success Factor, and this centralized.


Jumping to Success Factor tenant -> Admin Center > Admin Alerts -> Data Replication Monitor.


This will allow you to identify the potential issue and correct it there.


Today, we could see quickly, that Could ALM for Operations, allows to connect any Cloud Solutions, and its application Exception Monitoring has the capability to centrally monitor any issue on your cloud solution, here SAP Success Factor.

It has also the capability to categorize the types of error, and then it allows the administrator to easily identify and solde the issues on the managed system.


Exception monitoring is toady crucial component of SAP ALM, it allows organizations to proactively manage and address system errors, exceptions issues.

Coupled with SAP Best practices, it will enable customers to identify, analyze, and resolve exceptions efficiently, ultimately ensuring the optimal performance and reliability of their SAP applications.


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