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Dear ALM Community,

In this blog, I would like to give you an overview of SAP on-premise solutions currently supported by SAP Cloud ALM and the capabilities available for them as of today.

SAP Cloud ALM supports SAP Business Suite and SAP S/4HANA (On-Premise) solutions.


SAP Cloud ALM for SAP Business Suite


Currently, SAP Cloud ALM supports operational functionalities for SAP Business Suite.


Integration and Exception Monitoring:

This capability can be used to ensure that the data exchange between 2 services/or systems are consistent and if any error occurs, the responsible team is notified immediately so necessary actions can be taken.

With this capability, you are able to monitor messages sent via the Application Interface Framework, Web Services and Web Service Proxies, Idocs sent or received etc. For example, if your IDOC for purchase order creation fails, you are alerted for it so you can take appropriate action.

It is also possible to monitor and alert for exceptions such as ABAP runtime errors, update errors, aborted jobs, exceptions in ABAP gateway.

Tracking and searching of individual single messages based on specific (business) context attributes like the order number, employee id is also possible.


Business Process Monitoring:

With Business Process monitoring, you can detect and react to any issues in your critical processes before turn into major business disruptions.

Currently it covers Lead to Cash, Source to Pay and Design to Operate processes. It comes with pre-defined out of the box KPIs for each of these processes. You can set up monitoring and receive alerts in case of any issues or exceptions.

For example, you can set up monitoring for Sales documents with credit block and get alerted if this number is beyond a threshold for a customer so you can take corrective action. Otherwise, a credit block might slow down or even prevent a shipment to your customer or hinder the cash collection from your customer.


Real User Monitoring

The purpose here is help IT users and Business users to understand how often applications are executed and what is the response times experienced by the end-users. With this information, you are able to address the performance issue before your end users start creating tickets there by increasing the end user satisfaction.


Job Monitoring

Finally, Job Monitoring is also supported with monitoring and alerting content for status, start and end times, duration etc.


SAP Cloud ALM for SAP S/4HANA (On-premise)

In addition to the operations functionality we’ve just discussed, SAP Cloud ALM also supports implementation functionalities for SAP S/4HANA (On-Premise).

Change and Deployment Management

You can currently use the requirements management functionality to create, edit and delete requirements, set up approval requirements etc.


Task Management

With this, you can manage Implementation tasks and adapt it to your scope


Test Management

Currently, SAP Cloud ALM supports manual test management - test managers can assign test cases to testers; testers can execute manual tests. The test results which can be a trigger for defect management if needed to ensure high quality of implementation.


Automated testing with Tricentis Test Automation for SAP is planned to be available in 2022.


Conclusion : SAP Cloud ALM not only supports implementation and operations of SAP Cloud Solutions but also that of SAP On-premise Solutions. This post gives a quick overview of the current capabilities.

You can use Supported Solutions tool to check all the capabilities available for a supported solution. To see planned capabilities/innovations, please check the product Roadmap.


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