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This blog post provides a comprehensive overview of SAP Cloud ALM for Operations that explains how it fits into the SAP ALM portfolio, the value & functionalities, and where to find useful information such as demo recordings, technical information, onboarding etc.


Before getting into the details of SAP Cloud ALM for Operations, the following section explains the ALM portfolio and how each solution should fits best depending on landscapes.

Application Lifecycle Management

SAP provides digital support experience with solutions for autonomous Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and service and support delivery for all customers and landscapes, integrating the products that make up the Intelligent Enterprise. The digital experience is a competitive differentiator and enables customer satisfaction.

There are different approaches to ALM. Some customers prefer to run their applications using a standardized low-cost approach, while others have individual ALM requirements. Some customers use just a few SAP components, while others have landscapes with more than 100 SAP components. Then there are SAP customers that do not have SAP components at all, but only use cloud applications from SAP.

SAP ALM Portfolio


So what is SAP Cloud ALM? SAP Cloud ALM is an application lifecycle management offering for cloud-centric customers. It provides extensive implementation and operations capabilities for cloud solutions.

SAP Cloud ALM for Operations

The key features of SAP Cloud ALM for Operations:

  • Features, functions, and processes for operating your cloud centric solution landscapes.

  • Having a central entry point to operate your complete SAP landscape running on different technologies.

SAP Cloud ALM for Operations has multiple use cases to detect, route, and solve problems in operations.

Functional Scope

SAP Cloud ALM for Operations - Available and Planned Scope


To learn more about each use case, a good starting point to get an holistic understanding of each feature would be the overview presentation posted on the product webpage. The SAP Cloud ALM for OperationsExpert Portal provides detailed information to each use case such as overview, content, configuration, & how-to videos. 

Which solutions are supported by SAP Cloud ALM for Operations?

There is an interactive “supported solutions” tool on the SAP Help Portal to find out which SAP solutions are supported by SAP Cloud ALM.

Supported Solutions Tool Link


Supported Solutions Tool SAP Help Portal



What planned released next? The best way to stay up to date on what’s coming up is to check out the roadmap of SAP Cloud ALM for Operations and take a look at the “What’s new” for an overview of the latest available new features.

SAP Cloud ALM for Operations – Onboarding & Usage

The overview presentation of SAP Cloud ALM for Operations has a slide at the end of it that captures all useful information how to learn more about it and get started.

Definitely great to know: SAP Cloud ALM does NOT require a license!

SAP Cloud ALM for Operations - Onboarding and Usage



SAP Cloud ALM Home Page

SAP Help Portal

SAP Cloud ALM for Operation Expert Portal


To quickly summarize the benefits and main features and characters of SAP Cloud ALM for Operations:

  • Support for customers with cloud centric solution landscapes with an out-of-the-box, cloud native solution

  • Central entry point to operate your complete SAP landscape running on different technologies

  • Fast onboarding of your operations team

  • SAP Cloud ALM for operations gives customers the power to detect problems including automated alert management

  • Customers are empowered to understand the health of their solution and the efficiency of their operation

  • Provides end-to-end transparency for users, integration, applications, and business processes

  • Detect anomalies, and enables both LoB and IT users to identify disruptions and react to them

  • Intelligent and centralized configuration and processing of events from SAP Cloud ALM for operations.

  • Transparency regarding availability of business services including business downtimes, business events and business SLA's.


What are YOUR operations/monitoring challenges? Share your comments or leave feedback in the comment section. If you have any questions, post them in the Q&A:

Interested to read more about this topic and learn about the use cases in SAP Cloud ALM for Operations? Follow #SAP Cloud ALM - there will be more article soon.

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