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This blog post addresses the capabilities of Business Process Monitoring in SAP Cloud ALM for Operations. It provides the reader a functional overview of this use case and where to find more information on learning, demos, onboarding, etc.



SAP Cloud ALM for Operations is an application lifecycle management offering for cloud-centric customers. It provides extensive Implementation and Operations capabilities for cloud solutions – check out blog post SAP Cloud ALM for Operations – Overview.


What is Business Process Monitoring?

In a nutshell: Monitoring a company’s core business processes, which includes all technical and application related components involved, to ensure a smooth and reliable execution of the core business processes.

The Business Process Monitoring app in SAP Cloud ALM for operations supports the detect-to-correct lifecycle of SAP Cloud solutions along the end-to-end processes of the Intelligent Suite.

Business process monitoring aims to provide transparency about the end-to-end process health based on predefined KPI’s. It enables both, line-of-business users and IT users, to directly identify business process disruptions across the entire system landscape, and to react to anomalies before critical situations arise.

The objective of this app is to ensure smooth business operations without disruptions, and to increase the quality and performance of the business process execution.


Business Process Monitoring – What is in for you?

  • Out-of-the box real-time collection of business process KPIs (backlog, throughputs, lead times, ...) and associated business process documents

  • Relevant business process KPIs are auto discovered to keep effort for implementation low ➔ No need for modeled business processes or manual configuration (refinement is possible based on expert configuration).

  • Intuitive and dashboard-based monitoring of Business Process KPIs including context-sensitive drill down in business documents (root cause analysis).

  • Embedded alerting to inform users (LOB process owner/manager, LOB process executer) about business process anomalies and exceptions.

  • Integration with Operation Automation to trigger corrective actions at business process level e.g., manual, or automated removal of credit blocks.

  • Embedded analytics to enable root cause analysis based on historical and aggregated data.


Business Process Monitoring - Overview


Navigating in SAP Coud ALM for Operations - Business Process Monitornig

BPM Overview Screen - O2C Process example


BPM Screen Documents View


BPM - Alerting




There are different ways to learn using Business Process Monitoring in SAP Cloud ALM for Operations. One way would be to check out the How-To video on the SAP Cloud ALM YouTube playlist: How to Use Business Process Monitoring for SAP SuccessFactors in SAP Cloud ALM

In this video you can easily learn how to:

  • Analyze your KPIs

  • Drill down into KPI details

  • Process alerts

  • Start operation flows to resolve errors



But before you can start using Business Process Monitoring in your SAP Cloud ALM tenant, you need to first complete the set up steps first. There’s also a how-to video for the set up available on the SAP Cloud ALM for Operations YouTube playlist.

Alternative there is detailed set up information on the SAP Cloud ALM for Operations - Expert Portal: Business Process Monitoring – Setup & Configuration



For those who want to learn it hands-on, there is a SAP Cloud ALM – Public Demo Tenant available. Check out the SAP Cloud ALM for Operations YouTube Playlist more how-to videos!



Business Process Monitoring in SAP Cloud ALM for operations offers transparency into end-to-end processes based on predefined business process KPIs. It provides out-of-the box real-time monitoring across the entire Intelligent Suite. Reduce implementation effort by auto-discovery of relevant business process KPIs

  • Receive automatic alerts and provide automated corrective actions

  • Enrich operational business process information with application monitoring information

  • Predict business process anomalies before business is impacted

  • Process information will be retrieved from SAP Cloud ALM for implementation

  • Continuous development of further business process KPIs based on APIs provided by SAP Cloud Applications


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What are YOUR operations/monitoring challenges? Share your comments or leave feedback in the comment section. If you have any questions, post them in the Q&A:

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