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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
An interesting read about the company “energyOS” which is headquartered in Australia and delivers digital services that help utilities embrace the transition to clean and decentralised energy. Being an SAP OEM partner, energyOS’s solution, 'eOS v1', is SAP-certified and Built on the SAP Business Technology Platform and listed on the SAP Store. In this blog, let’s hear more from  Stephen Kubicki, Chief Executive Officer at energyOS who shares his experience  working with various teams at SAP and getting the solution eOS certified from SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) team, part of Partner Innovation Lifecycle Services group.

We have received enormous support from SAP ICC and a host of other SAP teams. SAP has been instrumental in helping us design our solution in a way that lets utilities use their two most valuable assets, customers and data, to create the business capabilities that will let them harness the unprecedented opportunities being created by the energy transition. Stephen Kubicki, Chief Executive Officer at energyOS

1) Thank you very much for accepting our request to discuss your journey and experience with SAP ICC. Can you tell us about your company and its key services?
The electricity system is undergoing profound change as it transitions to clean and decentralized energy. energyOS delivers digital energy services that help utilities embrace those changes.  The software was originally developed at one of the world’s leading R&D institutions, has been commercially deployed at scale in Australia, and energyOS is now partnering with SAP to expand into new markets.

2) When and how did energyOS begin its journey with SAP?
energyOS has been working with various SAP teams for more than two years to understand how eOS compliments SAP’s strategic priorities including SAP Business Technology Platform and industry cloud.  Over that journey we’ve received fantastic support from SAP’s specialist teams across the world including the ISV team in Singapore, industry specialists in Australia, the US, India and Walldorf, and technical experts in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, A/NZ and India.  energyOS is now an OEM partner, our solution is available on the SAP Store, and eOS is now offered as part of SAP’s industry cloud portfolio for the utilities industry.

3) Kindly provide few points about the challenges/opportunities that you faced before approaching SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC)?
Some of the core challenges were how best to migrate eOS away from AWS and other technologies to SAP BTP.  eOS is an enterprise scale solution and so our software engineers needed to ensure the development environments replicated ‘real world’ conditions as much as possible, such as integrating with utility meter-to-cash systems and using data sets that have the same variability and quality issues that are likely to exist in enterprise-scale programs.

4) Can you tell us a little bit more about your certified product eOS v1 and its integration/ built on SAP Business Technology Platform?
eOS is a cloud-based software platform that delivers discrete business capabilities that can be combined to deliver the services packages required for each stage of the energy transition.

eOS integrates with SAP S/4HANA IS-U and SAP ECC IS-U and is being optimised for a range of SAP BTP technologies including SAP S/4HANA, SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Integration Suite.  eOS can also be combined with other SAP partner solutions such as user interfaces or machine learning technologies to enhance its service offerings.  eOS is thereby able to deliver a new set of business capabilities that not only respond to changing operational requirements, but also enhance customer facing business processes beyond basic customer service.

5) How did you leverage our SAP Remote and Connectivity (SAP RAC) service?
In order to re-platform eOS to SAP Cloud, energyOS’s engineers needed a ‘sandpit’ SAP utility to validate our technology. SAP RAC service was a convenient and cost-effective way to provision that test facility. Working with a range of SAP specialist teams and consultants, SAP RAC was populated with a test IS-U DB, data access services, cloud connector and additional custom developed test data. Once eOS had been fully deployed on SAP BTP, SAP RAC service could then be used as a demonstration environment for certification and business development support.

6) How did the certification help in improving the quality of the product and positioning it to customers?
energyOS has achieved a number of significant milestones in its strategic relationship with SAP, and in many cases those milestones build on the certification process.

Beyond that, the certification has also played an important role in facilitating our discussions with SAP’s industry specialists and account executives.

7) What next for your certified solution eOS?
We’re now working closely with SAP’s utilities teams and account executives to expand into new markets.  We are currently speaking with the regional teams in the US and Canada, and will shortly start approaching teams in Europe.  In addition to the materials available on the SAP Store, energyOS has created collateral to help account executives understand what to look for, how energyOS can help their utility accounts, and what sales compensation will apply.  Don’t hesitate to contact us directly ( to lean more.

😎 Before we conclude, Congratulations on receiving SAP® APJ Award for Partner Excellence 2022 for Technology Adoption. It would be great if you share your experience with our readers?
The changes taking place as a result of the energy transition are the most significant in the 100+ year history of the grid.  The digital solutions that will be required to address these challenges are evolving quickly and will require an ecosystem of partners including technologies like SAP BTP but also solutions like eOS and other specialist SAP partner solutions.  Our engagement with the many SAP teams we work with has been invaluable and has informed both how we have designed eOS and how we will expand into new markets.  It’s been a terrific experience and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank the various SAP teams that we work with for their ongoing support and assistance.

eOS for SAP Utilities is listed on the SAP Store and an introductory video is included below.

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