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There is no doubt that a lot of people know about the Intelligent Enterprise concept, where the data feeds intelligence which in turn feeds process automation and innovation. At SAP, we believe best-run businesses are data and process driven – and we’re committed to helping deliver on this promise.

The Intelligent Foundation adapts and grows with customers and partners ecosystem, as they undertake that journey – to become an Intelligent Customer Experience Enterprises. Born in the cloud, infused with open, intelligent and highly scalable technologies, designed for ultimate customer experience will help to increase the productivity, flexibly connect and extend the enterprise application, get a 360 customers views, create brand new applications and business models leveraging the data through the SAP C/4HANA API, extend the enterprise applications and monetize their domain knowledge - and there is much more to come!


Our C/4HANA Foundation hard-working teams want to get the feedback as early as possible, to engage the customers now, not tomorrow. That’s why we are happy with the SAP Customer Engagement Initiative, or CEI for short. This initiative enables development teams to discuss planned functionality with customers and partners to gain valuable input during the development phase.

The C/4HANA Foundation product management group proudly nominated 3 projects in the first cycle of 2019. They are already visible on, and they are:


SAP C/4HANA Cockpit

With the SAP C/4HANA Cockpit, customers of SAP C/4HANA will have access to a central administration portal which will enable them to manage their SAP C/4HANA products as one integrated suite of solutions.

The cockpit development team wants to deliver a great experience to all technical users responsible for managing SAP C/4HANA solutions and is looking for customer engagement opportunities right from the onset while the solution is being designed and implemented. This type of engagement can be hugely beneficial to customers in the early feedback round as it provides an opportunity to have direct influence into the early design of features to be used down the line.


Event Based Data Distribution for SAP C/4HANA

SAP customers who deploy two or more products from the SAP C/4HANA suite or even one SAP C/4HANA application that connects to 3rd party applications face a significant integration challenge – expending time, expense and resources. The purpose of Konduit, an Event Based Data Distribution for SAP C/4HANA is to greatly reduce this impact by delivering pre-packaged integration content and models within SAP Cloud Platform. Compared to existing options, Konduit is a cloud native, loosely-coupled and highly scalable approach. By replacing point-to-point integrations with reusable data event services, Konduit will provide greater resiliency, filtering based on payload, replay of past events and scalable performance.

The team would like to discuss the Event Based Data Distribution idea with customers and partners to better understand their needs. This would allow for a prioritization of the discussed processes as well as a solid market requirement gathering.


Cloud Acceleration

SAP intends to provide in the SAP C/4HANA cloud a simplified and optimized end-to-end process for provisioning of and integration with Cloud Acceleration technologies.

The goal of this effort is to jointly define with interested customers functional requirements and validate early product results.

Participants should be willing to share their experience with development team and related business processes and should be interested to build new ideas for simplified and optimized processes and functions. Participants should either have web performance related role themselves or can provide end-users beyond the IT department for marketing user interviews, collection of improvement ideas and validation of planned features. The currently active usage of SAP C/4 HANA is no prerequisite for the participation in this project, but considerations to do so will be fundamental.


We hope that we will stay together in this journey, having new and exciting nominations in each CEI nomination cycle, let’s build Intelligent CX Enterprises together!
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